Microsoft owns halo and gears, halo vs gears

Microsoft owns halo and gears, halo vs gears, here is the perfect excuse to get a new game engine fir gears, halo vs gears make it a vs battle only game no campaign, shouldnt be hard to work out since yall the same company, gears of war was orginally supposed to be a vehicle based game anyways

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I’d like for MS to make new IPs and new games…

Though having Master Chief as a character in the game would be cool, or having COG armour in Halo.

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Not really up to date with the Halo universe, but I wonder if the (Master) Chief would bleed in Gears (is he Human/Android or what?)

I would rather Gears of Titanfall. Imagine the Titanfall Attrition mode set in our beloved universe. We have mechs now so it could work.


I have long wanted a Gears version of a Metal slug game. I think that would be the best non typical Gears game.

Marcus chainsaws through the Master Chief. The End.

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Story-wise, how would this conflict arise?

First to up-vote this because nobody else would.

All of these acquisitions they’ve made are reassuring, but their history also fills me with trepidation.

Time for Microsoft to start producing results.


Idk man. I’m a huge gears fan but I don’t know if 1 on 1 Marcus in his prime could handle master chief. The stats just don’t add up. MasterChief is super human.

Your comparing Captain America to Batrock not captain America to the Winter Soldier.

While Marcus - in his prime - is the top of his game. Masterchief is super human.


I was looking forward to scalebound, but then it was cancelled.


Remember the old Sonic games for the Sega Mega Drive where you could combine the likes of Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, etc?

Simply like that. It just happens. Master Chief spawns in Sera for no reason…only to be instantly crushed by a Brumak.

As for @HayMaker304 , you’re probably right but you can’t deny you’d love to see it.

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Human with engineered qualities.

Here a game that on PC that should coming to console early next year. Call Synthetik on steam. Cheap fun game. The nice thing is the devs are on discord and will respond ASAP! Weekly/Monthly updates also.

Check site out for more info:

To sum it up… chief is a 7ft super soldier (human) with either Mark 6 or 7 armor (halo infinite) gotta need sum armor piecing bullets or something to crack through the energy shield and base armor

Oh yea I know I would. When be MasterChief fake cog skins leaked - I can’t deny saying I thought they were freaking awesome and have still hoped they would come about but prob never will.

Not saying Marcus couldn’t hold his own - but he would tire faster than MasterChief.

If you really wanted to see the fight of the Century - DoomSlayer Vs MasterChief.

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Ah, but not if he had his beloved tomatoes. :tomato: :tomato:


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I guess this might now be a reality

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Gears 6 twist: Sera is one of the outer colonies, but neither the UNSC nor the Covenant were willing to mess with it.

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