Sawed-off, Retro, and some really kinda bad maps. I love Gears 3 to death but IMO it hasn’t held up super well recently. I do think it (and 2) would benefit greatly from a PC port. It’s hard to go back to controller.

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Design subjectivity and holding up aren’t the same.

Honestly other than the Hammerburst I don’t think anything in Gears 3 is really off balance, Sawed is only bad for corner campers.

But out of 1, 2 Judgement and even UE I’d say, 3 has definitely held up the best.


How dare you speak ill of Gears 3, heathen! It stands rather brilliantly today. I’d easily chose dealing with the Sawn-Off and Retro again over the current disastrous PvP experience Gears 5 has to offer. Oh and plus I’d be reunited with my beloved Hammerburst in her prime.

I wouldn’t be against it, it doesn’t bother me and I have a few PC heretics friends.

Tut-tut. Now that’s not the right attitude to have! After all, using a controller is how the games are meant to be played. Have at thee, KB&M cretins!

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