Well boys looks like a fenix collection is never happening rip the dream im not gonna lie this is the saddest time for me to be a gears fan I honestly would have preferred for the IP to be shelved that would have been more respectful compared to how this series gets treated now this is worse than gears of war judgment times

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TC literally said ,not even a year ago,not to expect any game announcements anytime soon.


At the very least they should at least keep in touch with us, they act like we dont exist. I dont mind not having announcements but they act like they went for smokes and milk.


But someone on the internet told me there would be a Marcus Fenix Collection!


I understand that but you have to admit us gears fans gets treated really badly we’ve had 4 back to back awful gears of war games, gears pop/gears tactics/ gears 4 and gears 5 and we haven’t got a remaster for the old games when halo had a complete remaster we get nothing we’re just left on the side of the pavement like a dogs ■■■■

Are you seriously gonna pit gears pop and Tactics in with those games? :neutral_face:

Tactics plays different from the main gears series. Its never ventured outside of a 3rd person shooter. Same with pop. 4 was great. 5 has issues but has pve.

4 has the best multi in the new gears series. And the best ranked I’ve ever played in a gears series.

  1. We really don’t.

  2. We’re just fans of a game. We aren’t owed anything from anyone.


Gears fans after finding out about the rumor of the Marcus Fenix collection was not true.


I’m definitely on that right now.

I’m glad your happy spending your hard earned money and spending your time on a game/company who treats you like garbage i wish I could have that same mindset “oh yeah a game studio doesn’t owe me anything” eventhough I invested alot of time and money into it thinking me as a fan will be respected KEKw


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I’m probably in the minority here, but I don’t see the point of re-releasing the old games. I think it’s lazy cash grabbing and I’d prefer to play something new. The old games, were good, they’ve had their day in the sun. Also, you still can currently play them and they did get upgrades. Sega and the Sonic community in particular annoys me re-releasing games from the 90s time and again.


There’s a significant amount of disappointment and sadness on Twitter because of a lack of an announcement for this game COMPLETELY RUMOURED BY ILLEGITIMATE SOURCES.

Quite frankly I find it hilarious. Although it’s also very embarrassing and doesn’t exactly encourage TC to increase their communication with this community.


Stop making sense Kaz.


Its just a videogame. Calm down.

Why do you care how people spend THEIR money.

They don’t. I could give TC a million dollars and they wouldn’t owe me anything

Not sure what this means.


Cause they don’t owe us anything lmao. Understand that you, me, Koty, and everyone else who has purchased anything related to MS and Gears is a consoomer. They make the product and we buy the producs. That is how every single business transaction with no strings attached to it works. There is no condition as far as I know where “Oh I invested all of this money into TC so therefore they have to make this very specific product for me.” It’s just you being entitled lmao. Is Nintendo obligated to translate Mother 3 despite me dumping money into Nintendo? No, they’re not. You have to understand that companies are not obligated to make specific products we ask for solely because we consoom their products.

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Maybe could have added a King Raven to Flight Sim ?


Oh I understand but does it make it right? Hell no people like you are the reason fans of a game series gets treated like dirt because they don’t do or say anything about it they just accept everything for how it is, how can you expect change without taking a stand? If a big content creator gets treated like dirt by youtubes awful system like there channel almost getting terminated how do you think there able to fix that issue do you think youtube will listen to them if they simply ask? No they take a stand on twitter or something there post gets attention and it forces the company to take action. But you do you buddy see how far that mindset gets you KEKW

What are you even taking a stand for? What is the problem?

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