Microsoft Gears 5 Survey

Below is one of the gems I saw while filling out the Gears 5 Survey. Note that it says IF not when. Not promising considering these characters should have been available at launch. I just felt this needed to be shared since TC is still not understanding what the fans actually want.


Wait, tf is my survey TC?


I think you’re reading a lot into a survey that is probably designed mostly to help them prioritize their work based on what people want. I fully expect all of those characters to be in the game within the next 3-6 months - however, if people overwhelmingly are more excited for, say, Cole, he might be prioritized first.

People keep ignoring that adding COG characters is more than just skins in Gears 5. They are full-on heroes with their own abilities, passives, and cards.


If they have to ask this then all hope is lost.

I still think they can make a comeback but seeing stuff like this I’m not so sure.


Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather they add some of the newer characters first, or at least Lizzie. I get that the original Delta will be highly requested by people, but I’d personally see some newer ones first. Though, then again, the only one that comes to my mind right now who I’d want is Lizzie. You could say the way she was introduced left a bit of an impression.


I believe Lizzie was on the character screen in that leaked screenshot from E3, so I think you’ll get to play her soon.

And I agree, she was awesome, haha. Kinda bummed she was ultimately just cannon fodder to further JD’s character arc. But then, I suppose she is a Carmine.

I got about a third of the way through the survey before giving up.

It seems… extensive to say the least, but the further I got into it the more it highlighted just how little I care for this game after only a short time. And it hurts to have to admit that about a Gears game.

Roll on Black Friday when I can pick one of my other ‘watched’ titles (hopefully) on the cheap and put Gears 5 away.


Maybe, but the survey touched on many key points from nearly every aspect of the game from campaign, to the various modes, even questions about the store. There were also follow-up questions based on how you answered previous questions. I don’t think I was reading too much into it, I just get the feeling that even after many people expressed how they want to be able to play as the original characters it isn’t really a priority.

Link to survey?


This place will complain about anything. How does TC asking about which characters people are most excited to see added to Gears 5 indicate in any way that adding new characters isn’t a priority?

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I signed up for the surveys during Gears 4 and think I had 3 maybe 4 sent to me. They were actually in depth (I remember a really good one dedicated to Horde mode) and I felt like they were definitely interested in the answers, alas I’m unsure if anything changed due to them, they stopped arriving in my inbox almost as soon as the started arriving.

A missed opportunity, but it seems they are back. I have had nothing though.

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Honestly they should of just launched with all base characters with base skins. but i guess they make more money the other way, but that was is anti consumer friendly

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The question is phrased how they have previously phrased other issues they don’t particularly want to take action on. If you watch the dev streams you will know what I mean. Week after week of “well if enough people continue to complain about it we will look into it”. So here I am to bring it up again because that is the structure they have indicated works to change in the game.

Also, unrelated, I am still waiting on my account to be credited with the Graffiti Gnasher, so if it seems like everything I post is negative it is partially to do with the inaction overall. It’s been over a month; have submitted two support tickets, have tweeted twice, have made a thread, all ignored by TC. It’s a real simple fix too. They consistently give partners store content to show off, so they can easily go into my profile any apply the skin I should have.

I registered as well as soon as it was available. Have gotten maybe one survey during the GoW4 days and that’s it.

Oh well…

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“People keep ignoring that adding COG characters is more than just skins in Gears 5. They are full-on heroes with their own abilities, passives, and cards.”

Yes you’re right, but they add those things for who? I don’t think anyone actually wanted abilities, passives and what not.


I agree. TC can do no right by any of the vocal peeps online these days.

Is there a link to the survey or was this part of the feedback program? I haven’t been asked for feedback since after the first survey I received early on during Gears of War 4 :man_shrugging:

I don’t think giving out the link I have would let you take it under your tags. It came as as email from Xbox.

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We can vote for Cole now

Y’all know what to do, baby


Fauz’s legendary card is more damage on a frozen enemy. Who is your dealer and what’s his number?