Microsoft Event Today. July 23 2020 What do you expect for gears?

I hope I see some Tactics Gameplay on Xbox Series X,

Halo seems to be getting the red carpet treatment.

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Yea Halo needs to be put bk on a pedestal in time for the next console launch to sell units I’m sure. Really hope it’s half as good as they’re making out

Personally believe gears5 should have also been held back until console release and actually finished, tested an polished instead of being rushed to fit an open window

Really coulda shifted consoles for MS if executed properly

I’d like to see Tactics announced for console finally. Other than that, nothing else for Gears most likely, I would LOVE to see something for Ninja Gaiden but I’m not holding my breathe. We will be finding out in about 3-1/2 hours though so I am a little hyped.

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This is an understatement!


I thought they would reveal Xbox / PC exclusives rather than something that can be played on PlayStation. And Ninja Gaiden can be played on PlayStation.

I don’t actually expect anything for Gears till next year.

Tactics has been confirmed for consoles for ages now. But TC never said it is going to be on the XB One. My guess is it will be a Series X launch title.

I know I’m nuts, but I hope it has a separate (stackable) achievement list so there will be a reason for those of us who already completed the PC version to pick up the console version.

I think Tactics could implement a co-op or vs mode, but could be a royal pain to do right…

Certainly will show exclusives but I’d like to think they will also show other games that can be played on PC/PS as well.

For gears 5 I hope to see the hivebuster campaign dlc announced. It’d be really cool if for next gen gears 5 got some new features and improvements. Things like better character customization and many more maps. Perhaps if the hivebuster dlc is real they could introduce new or old weapons.

Oh yeah I forgot about the Hivebuster DLC. That would be cool to see. I doubt we will see a character customization. Would’ve been cool to select armor, armor colors and maybe symbols or some kind of graffiti that can be on their armor.

I hope not, despite how much I love the game.

I think it’s likely. I mean, even Minecraft Xbox Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition are stackable Achievements, even though they are both the same game and Bedrock Edition.

Wouldn’t it just become a “play anywhere” title at that point?

Progress on one platform would carry to any other?

Well that depends. Does someone have Gears 5 on Xbox and PC? Do they have stackable Achievements? If not, then Tactics may not either. And I’m referring to from Window Store, not Steam.

Don’t think so, but @GhostofDelta2 would know for sure.

He uses an old Macintosh and has a 360.

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Gears U.E. has separate achievements for XB One & PC. And you can’t play with/against people on the other platform.

Gears 4 & 5 allow PC and console to play together and have only 1 set of achievements.

Tactics on PC has no co-op or vs mode, so if they add multiplayer to the console version, I think they’d have to do a separate set of achievements as the two platforms would have different capabilities.


Gears 5 is the same game on PC and Xbox (same as 4).

Gears UE was treated differently and wasn’t crossplay, save and they had separate achievement lists.

Octus stated before he left that Tactics may have to go the UE route and have separate lists.


There is actually a rumor of an Xbox exclusive ninja gaiden but we will see.

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I know you won’t like it if they do separate lists, but I’ll be honest, Tactics was a breath of fresh air for me. Was able to let me forget about the clusterluck that was Gears 5 from launch through OP3. Plus a separate console list should eliminate most of the cheats some people used to do get through certain things.

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One can only pray that it’s true!