Microsoft Botched PVE Multiplayer Giving It To Splash Damage?

So I understand that a different company handled the multiplayer. This shows a clear visual and gameplay difference as to why the campaign looks great but the multiplayer is lacking on so many fronts. Specifically how the game is played and why the Swarm looks like a cartoon vs in campaign they look scary and menacing.


Their looks are the same in Campaign as in Horde and Escape. All that is different is that MP modes have lower graphical quality in favor of “performance”, whatever is grouped up within that term.


Agree. Mp has to drop of some quality to maintain some performance, but in same manner quality on horde is dropped too, but not at this level of detail as in versus. Also it depends of version of Xbox you have.

Splash Damage to a better job than TC, that’s very easy to say.

They actually put in more than 1.7% effort for a start.

Well, they aimed for 60fps in Horde and Escape this time round on the base Xbox One consoles.

To be honest, to say they got it at 60fps whilst having decent graphics is a great feat, considering the Xbox One isn’t that powerful of a console.

EDIT: I used decent twice in the space of 5 words. My OCD couldn’t take it :joy:

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