Micro Transactions

I am sure this has been brought up already, but micro transactions? Really? Since when did people start following Activision? I get devs need to get to paid, but it is really annoying that the Coalition went this rout. By far the best reward system belongs to GOW4. GO BACK TO THAT!!


Yikes, actually enjoying have to grind an entire week just to sit through an hour of loot box pulls and still not get a full set.


I prefer the grind instead of having to pay real cash just to get 1 weapon skin or character skin. The earning credits was super easy, especially with the cards you used to get credits or XP.


It wasn’t really grinding. You were already playing the game and earning gold (in every mode) to buy loot boxes. The only bad part was the RNG.


Yeah they do need to go back to that but sadly they won’t …maybe if everybody quits the game and they make no money from cosmetics . But sadly I don’t think that will happen

It’s good money & they’re entitled to make money.
Nonetheless they should keep it somewhat consumer friendly. For example if it was £4 a weapon skin set I could live with that, £4 for one weapon skin is a p*ss take.


Once or twice.

With Microtransactions? I mean, at least five years now, probably more.


Bro stop


a skin is worth 200 iron. And the players should get Iron for playing the game… Say for every re-up or something. Then the system might work. And have the Esport side of the store premium with 800 iron skins or what not.

If you are not living in US/EU these prices are more than extreme


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Also people seems to forget the MTX’s have been in Gears since Gears 3. The problem with 5’s isnt that they have MTX’s its that the prices are too high

You obviously didnt play Gears 4 in the beginning because it wasnt super easy. It was super grindy. Games had very low payouts and boxes were very expensive

This is where I think they F’ed up. They should have kept Esports for real money this way they could give people more ways of earning iron.


Go back to Loot boxes. No.

Go back to the credit system. No.

When will people realise that Gears 4 has a terrible system, that isn’t that much better than Gears 5?


GOW4’s system was far, far worse than G5’s. How many of the people who are complaining about having to purchase iron got suckered into buying the $40 GOW4 season pass that literally included nothing? Spend $40 in Iron and you can purchase a ton of stuff in the G5 store.


I pre-ordered 4 with the season pass. That was the last Season Pass I ever bought. Never came even remotely close to being worth the extra money.



It was totally grinding. They dumped out all the meaningful playable content just a few months after release, after that I was just playing for achievements. A weeks worth of Horde wouldn’t yeild enough money to get a full set of whatever the current time limited loot box was. Then a week later start the whole process again just not to get the full set again.

I’m currently 10 1/2 re-ups and I don’t think I have even half of the loot box exclusive skins. Luckily I just need like ten more Horde runs to 4000/4000GS that game, then never touch it again.
P.S. Please don’t ask me how much I’ve spent on esports packs. It was a good amount before I gave up trying to collect everything in that game, being a completionist with OCD sucks.

At least you could always scrap the things afterwards when they were put in rotation and get the last skins you needed to complete the set. With geard 5 to have everything in a 2 years span you might need what? 1000-1500$? Lol With gears 4 the only premium content were black steel characters and the RTJ Characters. All the others could be unlocked by spending credits. What about this one huh? Most of the things are in the store and guess what? You can only buy for a huge amount of money.

Just by plaing the game I have all characters that were available through packs throughout gears 4 lifespan. With this I already missed like what? 5-6 weeks of premium content because you cant even acquire them just by plaing

Not that I care btw because I already stopped playing and wasnt even my intention of paying Macrotransactions this time around.

The amount of edits lol: Forgot to add that I am and I think others too are saying that by mid-end gears 4 lifecycle they had a much more consumer friendly approach.

If they stop making money, why would they go back to spend money to make a system where they can’t make more money?

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I guess people are already forgetting with the passage if time they had way more than just the Black Steel esports set. They started doing time limited pack skins for each event.

Can I craft wrestler Oscar skins? I tried for so long to get his second stage variant, only kept pulling the first and third.

Yes they had the emulsion locusts that you could buy guaranteed or buy with credits and take the Rng, they had the manager of emulsion guy that swears alot cant remember the name lol that you could get 750 kills in whatever mode or something to unlock him or pay upfront. And cant remember more right now but they were usually tied to challenges also which were great. I am positive that you can craft him now actually I think I remember somewhere that they were putting the wrestler ones for crafting.

I only vaguely remember the immulsion characters.
I was actually refering to these sets:
I remember them also doing it for Mexico, London and San Diego.
While looking those up I got hit with whatever the negative version of nostalgia is (PTSD?) and remembered they did more premium direct buys with the esports team supporter weapon/character skins.

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