Micro transactions, No XP, and Jack's laser is broken. WTH happened to the Gears I grew up with?

To preface all of this, I’m a Gears vet that’s been playing since the original game came out. It’s been my favorite franchise, but frankly I think Gears 3 was the peak.

After finishing the campaign of Gears 5 I thought it was arguably the best looking game they have made to date. Then I played online and it’s been the worst experience so far…

  1. Micro Transactions on a $60+ game are inexcusable… Please do not give them your money.
  2. Jack’s laser is broken in Horde if you use the Hijack ability. I’ve had to purposefully die or leave the game to get it to work again.
  3. I just finished 50 waves of horde as mvp by FAR and receive 0 credit.

I’m so torn and disappointed by this experience. Yes I’m venting, but gears online use to be the highlight not the bonus.

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I’d like to add to this.

When being revived in a certain part of the level in district, I became stuck, and could not move for a few waves and managed to hijack an enemy who came close to get out of this situation.

Another experience today in Vasgar or whatever it’s called. I came under attack by the ice scion and barely escaped. For the remainder of the horde match I was literally constantly 75% frozen and couldn’t ever recover (Jack was moving mega slow this whole time).

A couple of waves later I tried my best to get killed completely and this worked. I came back the next round back to normal unfrozen. Then I got kicked a few waves later from the server.