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Mic anyone? Guess not

When I first started playing gears people constantly called each trash and goofed around. What’s happened to people chatting? I know social distancing is all in our faces but I miss the old days when people talked.

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Mic!? What is a mic!? I had never used it in Gears! :upside_down_face:
And if somebody use it then I quickly mute that person! :grin:

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I exclusively play horde but whenever I join a lobby that demands mic they just talk irrelevant stuff not related to the game or the match. Whats up with that?
Do players demand mic just to get to know new people?


Two other things:

  1. Some people know how to use “Group up!” and co.
  2. Chat

I only use my Mic with friends when we play horde. Never used it with randoms. Most of the time there is some asssssshooooooo that is playing music or breathing really loud like they are flogging their joystick and a lot of time it’s just the game play from their tv that you can hear…Mute, Mute, Mute.

It’s a different time, for some reason newer players are much more hesitant about talking on the mic.

Most of them wouldn’t survive in a lobby back on the earlier Gears.


Most people nowadays aren’t bothered.

And when people do use the mic, it’s the same trash talk I’ve heard a million times. I just find it kinda childish and embarrassing now.

Especially as a horde player, I can just type into the chat and get the same result. Less effort.

I do miss the old days, in a way. In another, I kinda don’t.

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I mute them instantly since it’s either some kid eating Doritos loudly or someone with a screaming baby in the background.


I like using a Mic - it’s the easiest way to communicate hands free.
I don’t know why more people don’t but when they do then I try to hang with them and play multiple games together.
I’d love to get to a point where I can always squad up with 2 or 4 friends and play matches where I know the people will play in a way that I like and maybe give me a clue if I step on their toes so I could do better.
If you look for something you may eventually find it.

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But since the (Covid 19)Here in the U.K., My new headset is still in the shop click and collect,/Shop went into lock down,My previous mic died on me,Sorry to anyone who does ask if anyone has a mic,I can only use the global messaging at the moment

Party chat killed normal chat, it did exist back then, but you see it effects from early halo 3, gears, or mw2, compared to newer games. Also a lot of people just dont wanna talk maybe? idk

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