Mexico advantages and player throttling

I’m exhausted with Mexico players that move faster, respawn instantly and take 3 or more shots to down. My internet. Speeds and ping far exceed what would be considered a great connection. Furthermore i believe my account has been purposely dialed down or restricted by Xbox live or the coalition because of attention I expressed through the game reporting app. I have not been the only person whom has felt this and If you have experienced these same problems post and lets action going to end this favortism. This is a serious problem that is getting worse.


They don’t respawn any quicker or move any faster.

There are undoubtedly problems with connections as Mexico apparently doesn’t have it’s own server (so they end up on a US server instead), but faster respawns and movement? Nah.

Hit detection and sponging - yes, that would be caused by the connection issues and lag.

Apart from the lag compensation, there isn’t any favouritism per se. The issues are not intentional, but a product of the poor connection. Mexico needs it’s own server(s) for sure, but this is a Microsoft issue.



You believe that Microsoft is restricting your connection to xbox live or TC servers?? HA… Really?

The only thing that I know is that the xbox can only get up to a certain speed through it, even on hardwired.

For example you have 400mbps, the xbox will only go up to 150mbps because the console isn’t capable of those speeds. I can’t say what it is capped too but there is a form of speed cap, or so I have been lead to believe in the past, this may have been changed.

I don’t believe that they would purposely restrict your connection or even be legally allowed to do so, as they’re tampering with a service that is not controlled by them or that you pay them for.

The devs don’t care and seem to get off on being psychopaths and forcing us to play with Mexicans every gears and purposely ruin their own game. They don’t care. Or they are insane.

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I agree 100%! Very frustrating because i have fiber optic cable internet, and when I play against those in Mexico, you would think i am playing on dial up lol

Problem with USA&CANADA only servers is they will be DEAD after a few months. Probably 50% of the sales of gears are just from MEXICO & BRASIL. 25% from europe and 25% from USA-CANADA.

In mexico you play GEARS + KOF since 2006. Probably 90% of my friends only play these games and GEARS is pretty much a religion .

Mexican players will lose “nothing” removing CANADA & USA but USA players will have 5m-7m waiting timers for a match.

Just to clarify,

The Xbox can do 1Gb.

However, the servers themselves don’t seem to be able too.

The fastest I’ve got is around 300Mb once from a download but it normally settles on 180-250Mb.

So it’s less of an Xbox issue, more of a Server issue/speed issue.


i agree 100%
this game is the worst Gear ever and
i’m a 40-plus year old day one Gears head.
I’ll never pre-order another Gears game again.
this is f*&^%$# heartbreaking…

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They’ll act like they’re so much better than you too lmao there are times I wish I could 1v them in a split screen game just to show them their connections do all the killing

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MEXICO ADVANTAGES ??? you must be joking… I’m from mexico and I hate this place hahahahha ,

The only advantage its that I met my wife here… other than that… there is nothing.

Guys, Mexico and Columbia are keeping this game alive, re player base…

Those are the only counties in the top 10, top 5 even, in the xbox live most played list. ( Gears 5 :mostly only in Spanish countries it is above 30 in most played list on xlive )

OF COURSE they will cater to those players, but only to the extend they can. I don’t believe faster re-spawns based on regions are a thing…

I don’t understand why different countries are match maked like that. I’d rather play with English speakers cause it’s easier to team up and communicate.

It’s based on region.


Even witting your country, there will be mix.