Messing up the gameplay once again

Towards the end of operation 2 the coalition had the game flowing at a good level. I was actually enjoying the game for once but with the release of operation 3 they made way to many changes. Movement seems slow as hell again, shotgun ain’t registering g at all and the game as a hole is just glitching again . I cant believe the game I truly love is being ruined by these DF’s . Idk what to do seriously, I feel like I’m just stuck because of the dedication I have for this game , it’s just sad to see man I swear

TC get it right man ! You owe it to us



They sure do after what they put us through with this game

Microsoft’s original Azure blog post stated that its cloud services had seen a 775% increase in demand in areas with enforced social distancing measures.

Maybe it has something to do with the servers

I hope so but why do the servers always crash when they release a new operation

Due to allot of people try to play the game and jumping in and out of the servers at the same time. This happens to almost all games. Especially when there are more players than anticipated. And with more people connected to azure than ever due to social distancing.

If you ever download something from a local network or FTP. And then have 10 other people downloading the same files. This will make your download slower.


No I was reacting to your self-absorbed post but good job keeping your reply self-centered on brand.

Oh ok thanks for explaining

absolutely agree. im not playing till this crap gets fixed.

Feels so bad.

It’s like minecraft multiplayer

frankly the soul of the series died after gears 3…

i thought maybe with ultimate edition being made there was hope in regards to the dark atmosphere returning… Let alone simple but strong game model being replicated.

much like a business, the multiplayer model shpuld never have been so ■■■■■■ with as it has been since gears of wae judgment…

focus on maps and weapons that reflect the persona, atmosphere, and ultimately identity of what is gears of war.

a tactical squad based shooter with horor elements and smart gameplay.

the maps would reflect these plays.

im disapointed with how pasionless and lazy the maps have become. especially in some weapon placements ive seen.

i miss gears of war.

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Exactly they were going for money rather than making Gears of they could have added more maps rather than wasting time on emotes, bloodsprays, and banners most of all the gameplay just isn’t as satisfying as the previous games let alone this update

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