Message to The Coalition

Killcams are broken… When I get killed n want to watch the cam it show me something the player did 5 seconds prior to the kill so I can’t see it.

They always have been broken and will never change.

They’re very inaccurate and misleading, I’d have preferred them never to exist.

I also wouldn’t waste your time trying to inform TC. They’re well aware and couldn’t care less.


Yep, they’ve known for a while. Never going to change.


Do yourself a favour and turn it off


Sure it doesn’t matter anyway because when it shows you the kill its not in the slightest bit accurate. Death from a headshot and the kill cam shows you the player actually missed lol.

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turn it off, forget it exists and hope they get it correct in gears 6

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You mean gears of war 3 remaster right? :sunglasses:

Like other have pointed out, they have been broken since the Tech Test (beta).

My favorite part is when you run into a cloud of smoke and get gibbed, the kill cam just shows you running into open air like an idiot.


I turned my off at launch.
8th best decision I ever made in my life.


Killcams literally my favorite addition ever, so weird to turn them off.

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Wait why?

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You get so much information. If it’s an opening, you can pretty much tell exactly what the other team did, you can see flash spots, their timings and routes — it’s more useful at the beginning of the games life cycle — but you can learn to copy/counter faster. I used to record scrims and rewatch the openings trying to figure out what teams would do, if you have a killcam you get a better angle for that.

You can also tell whether or not someone is a decent player from the killcam, you can watch people flank/cross you which is helpful because you can tell which teammate screwed up, or if you screwed up — and you can tell when you died to someone you weren’t fighting. Another thing as well if you’re playing ranked by yourself or with one other person, killcam helps you to always know where people are outside of the one who killed you. So it helps your map awareness.

I swear people just turn it off because they don’t want to see themselves die lmao, literally had two teammates do this.


I am a god. I don’t need a killcam telling me otherwise.


They been broken and wrong since the beginning… and they’ve known since the beginning.

Rather than even trying to bother figuring it out, I’m not gonna be surprised if they don’t even put it in 6 lol

Which would be fine, they should leave that out in 6, but make sure to add War Journal this time…ya know, since the team that was supposed to be doing that, won’t be doing Tactics this time.

I’d suggest not doing this

Say you get domed by a longshot or tagged by a boom
you know exactly how many shots that person has left AND its a good way to check the surroundings of the person that killed you (like if there are any players with them)

What’s what other 7?

Oh I’ve got it on myself for location reasons only but if someone cannot comprehend it’s not remotely accurate they need to turn it off for their own sanity

Should be working accurately though or removed until it is.

Sorry. Can’t tell you. The subject matter violates forum guidlines.

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I thought you liked to live dangerously

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He knows I am watching him…