Message to The Coalition about balancing

Wow Epic, great balancing, allowing Mouse and Keyboard to still be used on ranked with Xbox?

Please make the game an even playing field please, seriously. Activision are at least giving you the option to play cross play and against M&K players. What excuse do you have? None

Please provide us an option in game to chose to play against M&K players as well as PC (which is in) so we can decide if we want to be crapped on.

And if anyone wondering, yes I have tested it, I have played ranked with M&K on Xbox and was ok, the second I go to controller after using M&K, it is easy to tell who uses M&K with aim speed, accuracy and almost no recoil with it being easier to control recoil with M&K.

Epic didn’t make this game, The Coalition did, just an FYI.


Thanks for the correction.

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Yeah Epic games has had nothing to do with Gears since Gears 3

Controller has the advantage over M+KB in terms of movement.

And with the bullet magnetism in 5, having M+KB is really not necessary. You only have to be half decent to be good at it.

Also you can turn Ranked Cross play off in the options if you still think M+KB has the advantage.

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You missed that M&K can be used on Xbox, on ranked, which means turning off the ranked cross play is useless and just a waste of time.

Yes you are right, it can. But that is a very small minority. 99% of console users will use a controller, rather than M+KB.