[Message to Devs] Please bring Gears trilogy to PC

I already played ultimate on Gamepass and maybe its not the best PC port but its there, and i really need to play the rest of the trilogy on PC, the classic one, with Cole, Burt, Dom and Carmine, please Microsoft, make this happen.

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Ah, yes. The classic character, Burt.


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I was originally going to ask, “Who’s Burt?”, but then didn’t.

I realize now that the OP probably meant Baird but either had a horrible case of accidental mistyping or always heard the name wrong(my money’s on option 1).

Nothing wrong with the request itself of course, but it’s highly unlikely MS or TC would bother to PC port Gears 2 and 3 at this point.

“You’re Burt”

“Yeah that’s right … question is who are you?”


I disagree on this, actually. I just think making a post on these forums saying, “Message to Devs” accomplishes the goal about as well as writing the request on a napkin.

If Microsoft wanted to pad the schedule to keep Gears fans invested during the alleged long wait before Gears 6, one such project could be a “Marcus Fenix Collection” that, because it’s all built in UE3, could be accomplished with a smaller team.

Will it happen? I dunno. But I wouldn’t call it highly unlikely at all. Especially given the insider rumor regarding a remastered collection “like MCC” being worked on now. Whether that’s Gears or not, who knows, but it’s one of the more likely candidates.

He is referring to the “classic collection” so I assumed the existing games rather than remasters. It’s not like TC or MS have been paying that much attention to them outside of general backwards compatibility efforts.

Eh, port, remaster, they both take effort. I’m not getting caught in the weeds.

Considering Ultimate Edition is already on PC, it means a “MCC” of Gears would involve porting Gears 2/3 to PC and sprucing them up to match UE in quality. Not out of the question. But yeah, I guess if you want to be technical, straight up ports of the 360 ISOs won’t happen.

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“Don’t mind him. Someone stole his teddy when he was little.”

Also just realizing the blind sniper who confused this–


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Dude wanted to shoot Clay, no doubt about it.

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Even worse, he mistook Clayton for a Lambent Locust, as there were no formers assaulting the Stranded outpost when Cole and company passed through Hanover.

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You can get all gears games on PC already. There’s fully functioning mods and PC ports with multiplayer that you can download today.

I’m playing gears 3 on PC now