Mercy is one of the dumbest maps

For control. I’m sitting there in the left spawn basically fighting someone and spawns right on top of me and starts lancering.

The middle hill is terrible. Just remove it. Leave the church hill.

And I’m tired of seeing it.


Agreed. Checkout is still the worst one for me tho.

Edit: I don’t play very much anymore…I think they changed it around for that map on where the hills are. Still hate checkout tho.


The boltok hill is one of the worst hills ever thought of


Nothing beats Blood drive though. That map is simply annoying on every single hill if you are not there first.


Icebound is worse

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No u

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No, Control ruins good maps.

Imo Foundation is the worst.

I don’t play much king or control but what little I know, I know the bathroom rings are super cringe to try and break lol.

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I’d rather blood drive over mercy

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control spawns on are bad especially on lift.

you literally spawn infront of each other and if its boom hill , the spawn splits the team 2 by 2 on both sides.

they need to change the hills spawns

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At least they removed the middle gate. Had they left it as it is, it would have been a huge problem in control.

Even bathroom ring in Checkout is also bad.

Mercy is such a dog poo map and I hate everyone who thinks it’s even relatively good

I hate it also. Its really a lancer fest in control, as soon as you get a team of 4 and you are with randoms, you can give your chances goodbyes.

Dread it when it pops up tbh, just endless lancer fire and church camping, bores the hell out of me.

Another map that was OK back in the day but not any more.

There’s not enough sight lines on the map for me, and I think that’s what pisses me off. Every counter and shelf is in the way of every area you are traveling to. I can’t call out how many people are where because I cannot see anyone ect ect.

That bathroom area is a perfect example of this. I don’t know how many people are in the bathroom. Lol

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Yeah that middle hill just revolves around top control. The whack spawns don’t help the situation much either, like you said.

As soon as you make some progress, someone just pips up behind you lol

Control had such potential with it possibly being segments of the maps, not just slightly larger rings.

What a waste.


whole lot of crying in this thread damn


I can’t agree with you more. I thought when they took it out they were gonna rework it a bit… very big missed opportunity here. Control could be an awesome separation from Koth if they updated the hills to be part of the maps geometry. I would even go as far as updating the sounds of caps and score to rlly highlight that this isn’t King of the hill.