Mercy......anyone played it yet?

What happened to Mercy? As far as ranked, I pretty much just play Control and I think I’ve only seen Mercy come up in the rotation once since the latest drop. And I’ve never actually played it yet in Ranked. What’s going on? Why is it not coming up in the rotation at all?

Several times on Control and CTF.

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Cool. At least someone has. Mind you I’ve played quite a few ranked Control matches since it dropped and it is just not coming up at all, except for the one time I mentioned. Random bad luck maybe?

Just did a ranked FFA on Mercy.

Feel like it comes up every 1-3 games.

Many times on ctf and exe.

Nothing exciting though.

I liked Mercy in GoW4 with the Cluckshot event, had some fun matches, it doesn’t feel the same in G5.

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Nothings changed much since gears 3 except theres no digger, just another map I’ve (we’ve) played 100s of times.

We’re still waiting for more maps from gears 2😒… Which will never happen.

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Mercy is trash without an objective. It plays the same way it did in GoW4.

  1. You fight for Church and the winner camps the entire time
  2. You fight for Balcony and the winner camps the entire time

This happens on TDM, Guardian, Execution, etc
Anything without an objective.


Yes and it’s orgasmic

Whenever mercy gets voted in TDM I just dashboard.

You’re an inspiration to us all, John.

Played it quite often on comp guardian

Good map but it looked way better in gears 3

Mercy appears once in every three games in TDM.

Never seen anyone fight for the church.

Everyone fights for the Balcony. Top control is everything.

With Balcony, you have a visual over Torque Bow and can also pickup Dropshot/Claw easily,

Who wants to sit inside the church and camp for frags?


Won’t you get banned for that?

Haven’t played it once, I hope it stays that way :relieved:

Not if you do it before the game starts. Mercy is unplayable if the teams are even remotely evenly matched.

I keep getting my butt kicked in TDM on Mercy. Like others have said, it may be because if the game mode. I used to be a KOTH player and did well playing KOTH on Mercy in Gears 4. I’ll play Control and see how well I do.

I finally got one the other day. The map was fine and all. Just the way I remember from G4.

It’s not bad for control. Decent every now and then to play since it’s new.

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