Mercenary Escalation!

No parties allowed, all other Escalation settings the same.

Would you play it? Why or why not?

Be specific and keep it civil. Just curious to hear all of your thoughts!

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Escalation is meant to be played in teams. Coordination. Take that away and you’re eseentially playing koth. They should just add a mercenary Playlist with all modes in it in rotation

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I think there should be Ranked Mercenary mode of some kind.

None of my Gears friends play this game anymore, so I would welcome a ‘mercenary’ ranked mode of some sort.

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Essentially playing KotH yes, but I still think it has merit. Mainly as a way for those new to Escalation to feel out the mode, learn rotations without the level of pressure a 5 stack brings, plus the ability to practice weapon drops without ticking off couples/trips/quads. It would be a cool way to meet new people that a person might bond with over the course of an Escalation match. Different pacing, more opportunity for growth without the cost of bringing down another group in the real deal per se. What do you all think?