Menu's loading ridiculously slow on Xbox Series S ( constant lobby dissolves )

Hi guys, I’ve had a problem since I got my Xbox Series S that my menus are terribly slow when doing the following and I’m looking to get attention from TC or if you guys can help me.

  • Connecting to the online services
  • Creating a lobby
  • Joining an invite ( Processing invites )
  • Generally loading into the game via the menus in all aspects

When I’m lucky enough to get into a lobby with my friends to search for a game I’ve noticed my screen is completely delayed for like 10 seconds, For example for my friends it will show “creating lobby” and for me I’ll still be searching and then later will be creating a lobby, As a result of this my lobbies most of the time end up dissolving completely as I’m so far behind and then will cause infinite loading back to the servers resulting in me having to reset the game to try again.

As a result of this its getting to the point where its literally unplayable due to the dissolved lobbies constantly. I’ve tried changing back to 60fps and its the same and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling all to no avail. All my other games run fine on this Xbox so its confusing. Also when in game when I rarely get into a match I there is absolutely 0 issue its smooth and fine to play… its just these menus that cause all the problems.

If any of you have heard of this or could help me in any way that would be very appreciated as gears is my favorite game and its becoming more frustrating and unplayable.

Update: I have tried playing on another account and it seems to be completely fine??? I have no idea why this would be happening on my main account and not my others?


@TC_Kilo1062 Can you help me with this or look into my account Azza ZX? I’m still getting this problem to this day, I have tried factory resetting my console and re downloading my account etc with no avail to this problem. Today it took me over 10 minutes to load into a custom match.


Can you submit a ticket to us?

Seems like we need to dive into this a fair bit more.

sure thing submitting one right now thanks for the communication kilo!