MEMES 15/characters

Bored and in the mood for some meme’s post your best/funniest ones i’ll start.

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  1. I definitely watch GOT for the plot :wink:

And 2. I should watch Solo again

And 3.


I would start but its just going to be JoJo memes and i have already spammed you with them

Wouldn’t say it’s my best but helps on those sad days

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Well hold on now, what mouse was that called on Stuart little was it a logitech or razer?

@TC_Clown would know


Reddit meme


Cyclops aren’t that big of an issue with CQC unless you literally run up to them when they’re walking towards you and will rev up their chainsaw before your melee connects or you stay too close while shooting at them as an Infiltrator. (I do like to keep a Claw for this reason as Blademaster even when the weapon is practically useless otherwise.)

Now this, on the other hand…

Alternatively, Boomshot Scions also apply. I wasn’t bothered to make this one picture instead of two.

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Yeah, pretty easy to counter them when you see them first, but they become a genuine threat when your dealing with a group of enemies where they can just waddle in from behind you.

Ice Scion

The range in which they can freeze you is just ridiculous :weary:. I don’t even bother with them and just mark 'em for my teammates.

Boomshot scion

They’re just annoying for everyone. Also pretty frustrating when they do their callouts but decide to only shoot like 6 seconds later, or just don’t do them at all.

I don’t go near them as Blademaster unless I have my ult or a mace and they are stunned.

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