Melee combo and other tips

Not sure how many of you know this, so I figured I’d spread the knowledge.

The double knife combo ( B + B) can be followed up with a gun butt if you press and hold B after the second knife hit. Also, if you keep ahold of B, you can do an execution depending on the enemy.

You can actually come up on a teammate doing this combo and steal their execution.

You can also chain this combo to other enemies nearby the initial one.

Other things I’ve discovered are:

I’m sure you all know you can cycle through your weapons and reload during the scoreboard screen.

Another one that might be obvious is that you can also inititiate collecting power from the tap by holding X at the end of a wave but before the scoreboard is on screen and collect it while waiting for the next wave.

BUT, If you’re too late and the scoreboard pops up before you hit X, you’ll bring up the highlighted teammates gamertag. If you bring up the map at this time (hold the “view” button - the button with the 2 squares that is in the “select” button placement) you can now hold X to collect the power.

You can also tap Y while holding X to collect the tap power and upgrade your hero without disrupting the power collection.


The funny thing is that it was the exact same thing on Gears 4. untill it got patched 1 year in. I dont understand why this was not tested in Gears 5 lol.