Melee Attacks with weapons

I miss melee attacks specific to the equipped weapons. I want to do extra damage when wielding a
Torque or a Retro Lancer.

It doesn’t make a great deal of sense to whip out a little combat knife when you have a huge blade on the firearm you’re holding.

Any weapon where it makes sense to keep the specific animation should have remained that way.

Missed opportunity in Horde, too. Skills/perks could have been associated with blades firearms. Bleed with the Torque Bow on melee, etc.


If TC can make that functionality work with the knife melee in Gears 6 or it always staggers the enemy without having it stun them for an execution setup(or people will complain it’s OP even if only in PvE), I’m all for it.

I’d argue the Claw could also have an unique “heavy melee attack” with the crystal tooth bayonet or whatever you wanna call it.


Agreed. Obviously it’s too late for any of this in Gears 5, but the animations exist, via enemies.

There’s also the Relic Lancer in the campaign with its stun melee. I can easily see a PvE card for the Veteran or rifle classes that add that animation with incrementally increasing chance to stun the higher the card level.

Having a Retro/Claw/Torque Bow melee damage buff would preclude some melee classes from having to rely upon the Breaker Mace (even if it remained the best option). Really not a fan of the BM but you’re gimping yourself if you don’t occasionally use it

the relic lancer is the lancer from gears judgement where you could melee with it

Who brings melee to a shotgun fight?

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That is a blade to a gunfight.
Check your definitions.


Lorewise either. The whole reason for the chainsaw was because the retro kept snapping against locust skin. But the humans are able to use knives against the supposedly stronger evolutions of them.


Doesn’t consider the COG and other humans creating knives capable of standing up to hitting their skin instead of just making them the same as they were prior to and during the Locust war.

And lore doesn’t really apply to Horde, Escape or Versus for that matter.

Besides, the only enemies directly stabbed into the skin are the Drone type enemies, not the Scions. But apparently Reyna could stab straight into the Speaker’s skin without the knife showing any damage, even cutting its hand off, so…

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Must be some dense ■■■ knives.

COG used osmium in their armor, so why not try it for knives too?

Though I will admit that cutting off the entire hand of a Scion teeters on the edge of believability quite a bit. Especially when chainsaws get stalled out by trying to get through their skin(though that may also be a simple gameplay mechanic, no clue).

Still, I wouldn’t be too surprised that when we have railguns the size of vehicles, portable railguns which do not require a power source, floating robots and a variety of other advanced technology(fabricator anyone?), that someone came up with an alloy or decided to make knives out of a metal that won’t immediately break when you try to kill a Locust or Swarm creature with it.

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Lol, this made me remember that the Hammer of Dawn was the only weapon that would require three hits to down from full health.

I would rather see a shove for the melee so we dont have any form of 2 piecing. A hard shove to get the enemy off of you but outside of chunk range for both of you. Like resetting neutral in a fighting game

don’t forget the Bluetooth Flamethrower, probably the most advanced piece of technology I’ve ever seen

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Yeah, Mass Effect 3 had melee attachments that would boost your melee damage when holding that equipped weapon. It’d be cool if PvE added that.

It’s intriguing why they did it, though, since they clearly intended to meleeing to be a core mechanic in PvE. Swinging the knife when running through Escape definitely looks better than swinging your Snub around, IMO. But using the butt of your shotgun or the bayonet of your rifle definitely makes more sense than whipping out a knife.

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I’m wondering if the rounds themselves are fuel cells, and contain both whatever energy is required to fire the weapon and and the projectile itself.

That was planned. Body check, hockey style. There’s screenshots from 4 early in development, from the Game Informer preview. It sort of exists in 5 as Cole/Brawler’s tackle, and has existed since 4 as the charge you can use to save someone from the pouncer.


Then I guess they couldn’t get it to work right

AFAIK the ammunition for the EMBAR is as simple as tungsten rounds.
Although, it being battery operated could explain why a railgun can’t out-damage a classical sniper rifle. :thinking: :laughing: