Mediocre after all

I was super excited about the Team Animal skins! Just got them this morning and let’s just say they don’t look as impressive as I thought…I’m underwhelmed to say the least. The Swarm version looks much better but COG side looks like something you could buy for 40 Scrap.

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Hahahaha not sure why people make such a big deal about weapon skins anyway.


I was excited to do the stream thing for once! That’s my excuse. Never again because I didn’t even get all of skins. Its not worth the time…

Yeah same. The skins look horrible for some reason lol. The pictures looked much better.

And you’ll get all the skins you claimed soon. They may not be done rolling out to everyone.

You don’t have to watch all. Let the stream going and claim skins when available.

San Diego skins are nice, despite being static as well.

Love the San Diego skins but I’m doubtful I’ll be getting them all. Their tech issues screwed and I dont think they’ll honor awarding them to me now. I won’t be getting the Animal Hammerburst either because it was part of the Friday BS. Start shotting from now on.

Hit mods or Vectres on that eSports thread. Should work if you logged in.

I screenshot while having issues. Just precaution.

Why aren’t they super red like the thumbnail??? Its a weird orange color like the Phantom Skins. I wanted the San Diego skins much more lol

Unfortunately we can only use blue version on horde.

But on vs it changes according to Swarm/COG.