Medals on gears 5

I been a gears fan for years, but i am losing my intereste in the game. In gears 5 you have that new freaking medal collection thing to unlock stuff in gears 5. I dont really like the new operation2. I had trouble getting all the medals on gears 5 in operation 1 by a lack of time i can play, i work during the week, what does coalition expect? That we drop our work just to get some medals in 3 months? 3 months is way too short for working people to collect all medals in an operation. Now with operation 2, we have to collect freaking 79 medals just to get some stupid unlocks. I don’t like it the way they do it, give us at least 6 months or so to have a chance to collect all the medals when people have a life and work in real life. This operation thing on gears 5 makes me losing my interest to get everything, because there is way to less time to collect it, fix this coalition, of you are losing a fan of gears

You are not obligated to get everything. Focus on those pieces that you want or might actually use.

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Also, forumites put together a thread outlining easy exploits for certain medals in Operation 1. I suspect there’ll be one for Operation 2 as well at some point. Keep an eye out as it will make some of them cakewalks.