Medals in Gears 5?

To be honest, I would like to see medals being added back in to the game. The addition to medals were one of the funnest ways to show off what you like to do the most along with collecting something as in Gears of War 3, their was massive amounts of time put into getting all metals onyx. Keeping you playing for longer and also rewarding you characters or skins with getting it onyx (or Gold). Having them back would give players more ways to play the game while being rewarded from it, basically giving them more of a reason to learn that class, skill or weapon.

Ultimately giving them a larger rang on what they can play in the game itself as going for the medal (on 3 and judgment) getting all metals required you to play everything in the game (some are easier then others) but some will make you work in that game mode more efficiently (Versus, Horde and even Campaign).

This is just something for us to talk about, even if it isn’t going to be added into the game. Just something to talk about and brainstorm over a older game mechanic being added into the newest one. Please no fighting this is just an idea, not a request for it being added into the actual game.


I think you mean medals?


Yeah, he means medals :smiley:

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Yeah. In Gow Judgement you pick your favorite title/medal so people could see it in vs lobbies.
mines was knob turner

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Same with GoW3

I didn’t know that. TBH I really didn’t play Gow 3 that much; it’s my second least favorite gow game.

I’d be happy if emblems were a little more prominent than they are.

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I’d like the Medal System to return as well but no crazy requirements like 3,000 Versus matches in certain game mode…
I could have gotten Seriously 3.0 if it wasn’t in for these stupid ones.

I thought he meant metal like Heavy Metal…damn deceiving wrong spelling title

Ah yes! Maybe add some Infant Annihilator while hyper bouncing on peoples dead corpses? Would be nice :smiley:

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LMAO!! Classic man…Classic

I’m happy it’s like that. I enjoy that seriously is reserved for the people still playing 7 years on.

Seriously 4.0 is pretty ridiculous too. Would’ve taken a lot longer if we didn’t have speedruns.

But that’s the point. It’s called “Seriously?” not “Nice One” it’s for those people that are really trying to unlock it.

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Another problem was rank reset bug, it happened to me twice and after I got embry second time.
It wasn’t just level and re-ups but applies to medals as well.
I had all the achievements except seriously 3.0 and could have boosted the versus ones in private.
But instead, I got the embry twice where I had to focus on campaign, horde, beast, weapons all over again when could have put time and effort into versus wins.
It’s more like, ‘Seriously, you got got rank reset twice even after second embry?’.
And for people who did get it, it was more like ‘Seriously, you didn’t get rank reset?’.
It was so bloody annoying when I know I had potential to unlock it.
After I got rank reset the second time after second embry, I gave up.
Was like ‘F*ck it’, not much point if I’m gonna get reset again after all that work.

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