Medals completed!

I completed Ashes to Ashes medals …worth 5000 gold. DID NOT GET MY GOLD!!!
Can I get my gold please???
This happen to anyone else?

Have you tried restarting your game?


Supposedly you have to get 20/1 for ashes to ashes. It will complete again after you get 20 Completions of incon horde or escape. I can confirm it will complete ashes to ashes medal a second time but not about the gold. I don’t have 80 vs wins and probably won’t by end of operation


Yep, as Quantum Hulk says, you do have to do this. 20/1. I have done them all except Vs wins. Need another 25.

Is that 20 waves? I`m sitting at 10/1 right now but unsure how I got it.

You have to do all 12 waves for a Frenzy, all 50 waves for a Horde, or complete a Hive on Inconceivable or Master 20 times.

I would recommend doing Escape on Inconceivable for the fastest. There are plenty of The Clock lobbies at nearly every time of the day. You could be efficient and do the Escape Masters medal and knock out two birds with one stone, again there are plenty of The Clock lobbies at nearly every time of the day (except when its night time in the US).

Ok thanks. That exlains why I have 10/1. I forgot that I already knocked out the 10 master hives medal.

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Not so sure on that. I joined a master horde on wave 34 or 35 last night, stayed until the finish, and the medal went up by 1. Surprised me tbh, but I know I’m not imagining it (was on a baker’s dozen before, 14 after).

I have all for that category except the 20/1 incon or higher, still at 2/1 lol

Well and the double in 2v2 if that’s in Ashes to Ashes too like I think it is, unless it’s in versus… either way planning on zoning in on Ranked section during my days off coming up… done knocked out the 80 in straight Guardian lol… well a handful of those was Control until I finished that section.

PS at least I done got FFA out of the way for diversified, still lol to me that I had a daily for complete a free for all match the other day, and easily won that one game

Hmm, maybe you could do wave 50 and it still counts? Same as wave 12 for a Frenzy? Just a theory.

I can’t test that theory as I already have completed the medal unfortunately.

I’ll look to join a Frenzy in progress later, see what happens.

(I only picked the game up again recently, but I recall you could just run wave 50 five times to complete the OP1 medal Horde Veteran (complete 5 Horde matches), so this could be similar.)

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Just joined a master frenzy at the end of wave 8 (furthest along lobby I could find), finished the run, medal went up by one.

So I’m guessing wave 50 or 12 (full or frenzy) is all you need to complete to progress the medal. Although I can’t imagine anyone will be struggling with this medal haha.

Btw idk who else noticed or not, but just letting you guys know they fixed the tracker for the 20 on Incon or higher when they did the weekly reset… or at least mine now shows 2/20 not completed instead of 2/1 completed (ya I ain’t made any progress since I last did it lol but I’m off next 3 days now) I noticed yesterday.

Yeah. It also counts individual horde waves now, well Frenzy at least, I can’t test further now. I was at 16/20 on Tues, after 4 waves of incon Frenzy (waves ie 1, 2, 3 and 4, not 4x 1-12 runs) the medal popped.

Transparency level 0 once more… communication still aint their strength. I don’t get it why they are unable to inform us about these silent patches? Well beforehead of course, not after we figured it out.