Medals and operation length

Why does it seem like all the other medal categories ie basics, weapons, horde, versus etc seem doable, but the ones for escape make it seem like you have to do nothing with your life but play escape and nothing else? Could they not make realistic goals for us to reach ? I might just be ■■■■■■■■ and complaining but i dont see how you can do 150 escape matches in time for the end of the operation or let alone master a hive, which i have no idea what that means.

Master means finish it with all modifiers active ie the hardest setting.

Jesus…how hard are they trying to make obtaining these medals?

Most of them are fairly easy (just take a bit of time), but a couple are super difficult.

First off from what i read is that you believe you only have 2 weeks for them. Which is wrong thats a visual bug.
You have 3 months for them.
And if i remember the 150 matches are acts, everytime you reach a safe room its another act.

So its not weeks? Ok, that seems more doable now

Yep, its a bug that it shows 2 weeks but its an entire season and they are about 3 months long.

I got another update on that.

The two weeks is meant to be when rewards for placements in Escape and Versus leaderboards get awarded.

Its just shown poorly ingame.

Still doesn’t change that one particular medal asks you to do all Challenge Hives(which are the Weekly Hives, of which there is one over a certain period of time) on Master difficulty in Operation 1, and the current one has like 7 or 8 days left on it. Are people seriously expected to have high leveled characters and skills just a few days from early access or launch to beat the weekly Hive on Master for that medal? Because I don’t think it’s going to be returning when there’s 9 more to follow afterwards.

3 months.

Bruh thats such a relief. A grind but a relief

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Yeah I freaked out when I saw the 2 weeks left bit.

It turns out that is for the awards for where people have placed in versus and escape.