Medal Group Consolidation Please!

@TC_MichaelAOS, @TC_Sera

Would TC please consider consolidating the Medal groups in the future?

I think all that we need are groups for “All Modes,” “Horde,” “Escape,” “Versus General,” “Versus Ranked,” and “Versus Events,”

Naming Medal groups things like “Basics,” “Bare Your Teeth,” and “Take Cover or Die” are meaningless as far as letting you know the type of Medals that are in each group, or what modes you can expect to have to play to earn those Medals.

For example, currently “Bare Your Teeth” has three medals that can only be completed in Versus and “Take Cover or Die” has seven (nearly all) medals that are Versus-only as well, even though there is a “Versus” medal group. It would be nice to see all Versus-only objectives in one place.