Medal glitched?

There is a horde medal called “Running Scared”. I have used this ability alot already and it hasnt registered a single kill yet.


The same thing for me in Frenzy or normal Horde, and, with his ultimate or Faze card.
Maybe try with Intimidation skill card ?

Some achievements don’t track either.

Same. Have closed and relaunched game as well. No progress period. Have killed both feared and non feared enemies during Fear’d activation

Another glitch … but a welcome one … 50 Mulcher kills : I got it by getting 50 snub kills. I’m glad I didn’t have to bother to use Mulcher!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah me too. Mulcher hits were not registering… using snub actually got me the snub damage and Mulcher body count stars. LOL

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Same here

Running scared medal doesn’t work for me either for the mulcher medal mine counted as the talon autopistol.

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Me too with Clayton

Yip… spent 50 waves using the ability and using almost all the weapons to achive the medal and no luck… did a 700mb update and still no luck… will wait for the next update

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