Mechanic Vs Robotic for frenzy vs regular

Was a fan of RE as it had a useful ultimate as well. Lately been using Mech and I feel for frenzy the Mech might be better since you can get a huge discount on barriers and protect yourself quickly but in regular horde you spend so much time repairing things you use a lot of energy even with the discount cards and perks, at least its ultimate is worthwhile now. Now if you have the modifiers that leave poison puddles, it might be better to use Mech in regular too maybe. Havent tried it yet though.

With RE in regular you just kill enemies and it auto heals things if you use that card so all you really need to do is repair taps and refill ammo. I have used RE in frenzy for many matches and it still works well but its sometimes depends on how much people deposit since you spend more initially. I think that by level 40 I have way more barriers than i would have had i been a mechanic because of that. Also since I’m not repairing i have time to place new things and optimize their placement.

Those are my opinions not sure if people agree, obviously both are viable for any match but optimally i think it depends on the mode


Baird with Randoms because taps will break
Del when 2 or more lockers is needed

Short Sum
I’ll always pick Baird over Del because they do the same thing later waves. You always end up with too much energy anyways, Del is just nice at the start or if you have JD, Clay and Lizzie in the same party.

Depends on the map too and the classes

If the map needs barriers like abyss
Del is better

Robotics is good if you have 1 demolition
/the more health mutator is off

But honestly is frenzy yur ok either way
Just you can get safer start quicker with del

Baird all the way.


Easy Play and Flexible Style.

You don’t need to care the Health of Fortifications.

The Self-Defense ability towards Robotic Expert is too way stronger than Mechanic.


idk im really digging mechanic as the turret just destroys everything, especially guardians and bosses.

my only issue is how long it takes to repair dummies/lvl 3/4 barriers. kinda annoying.

Architect for the long Ult distraction and 200% shot in the bum damage.

I guess thats why its called mechanic, you spend all your time repairing lol as thats all car mechanics do

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For frenzy I play robotics expert, over clocked lockers, reducing ult with sniper hits, and Increasing repair speed are all great for the fast paced game mode. While in regular horde I play mechanic, as reduced cost, and higher health fortification are much better in the long run.

In Horde Frenzy events I am keen to play as Mechanic, as I have to take into consideration the factor of the whole team not depositing their energy, but spending it all on perks. I’ve actually had that thrice in the current event…

You say that like it’s a bad thing. Power drain isn’t even part of the mutators so what’s even the point of depositing?

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Mechanic is my perfered engineer for any mode when I host a lobby but robotics guy is decent… architect not sure

I mean obviously to buy more fortifications and etc…

Keeping taps help tho as long as those don’t get destroyed then yeah I don’t mind spending on perks…

It bugs me a little that the engineers has perks… like why :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

doesn’t he have a reduced cost card ?
Or something similar :thinking:

There’s only so many barriers you need on these maps. And lockers are only required for a handful of classes. And without PD everything is dirt-cheap already.

Barriers, obviously. First time we got overrun by juvies, second a combination of sires and rejects and the last one the team had sufficient quality to hold them off as much as possible.
Everyone besides the Tactician should deposit at the start, just one quick juvie could kill half the team. You usually don’t need a large base (always my preference, even as engineer), but at the very least some barbed wires and weapon lockers are necessary.

Yeah, I’m sure a lot of people disagree with that.

It also only takes 3 hits to beat a Juvie up instead. Or you could use your OVK instead…

You must have been lucky in your public games then, in my experience at least half of them are goof balls.

Architect is great for holding off the bosses especially on small maps
Ultimate + extend ultimate card

GG for that boss

Use it against a Swarmak, pretty close up. It turned around and got shredded.