Mechanic Mac skin

He rolled out the other door and convinced Anya to fake her death with him.

@D_A_N_III_3_L is that what Lizzie is talking about when she says, “I think I lost an uncle this way?”…wow…Doms dead…that sucks…

Lol…yes I knew Dom was dead…or is he? I think the Greys came and grabbed him with a tractor beam and shot him out of harms way…he will be back as will JD and Del…

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Gears 6
Dom strolls back in and takes away Bairds “Lady Friend” (Sam) like nothing happened beard thicker than ever

Lizzie is talking about Anthony. It’s a gun-jam line.

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I think Dom man pretty much its dead he sacrificed himself for the delta team, however I think it would be nice if the greys could bring him back as well as Jack ,

As a side note: I remembered in the movie " ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE " that grey-like organisms known as " FUTURISTIC MECHA" , were capable of bringing back people using DNA . of course they are not aliens. but futuristic robots with more advanced technology than the Azure Servers of Microsoft.


Haha that’d be funny but if he returned I’d want him to be cold, heartless.,Completely broken from the murder of his children and the torture of the love of his life, Maria.

I’d want him to hate the COG/Outsiders, holding them in resent as they’re more or less responsible for his loss.

I’d want him to make a poisonous batch of his legendary :tomato: tomatoes :tomato: and invite everyone to a peaceful gathering to discuss how to proceed against the Swarm as a unity. I’d also want Marcus’ last words to be “F##KING TOMATOES!”.


Them some pretty good words but I would love one last shut the ■■■■ up fahz

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Found this:


Yeah, there’s been a picture of Mechanic Mac, or as I call him, Covid-19 Mac, in the pre-order Gears 5 pre-order bonus thread for a few days by Gearscharacters.

Only one Mechanic and that is Mechanic Baird!!!

Long Live Guardian!!!


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I knew when Marcus turned to give him his knife back and he had walked away already.

drops mic

Mentioned that in a tweet. Carlos Ferro actually liked it.

Here you go.


The helmet under a helmet idea was so ■■■■■■■ stupid I’m so glad they didn’t actually add it in the game

Alright! Mine just came in today! A definite must after they butchered his face. Now don’t worry Mac, I’m just gonna cover that up for you so we can go back to playing. LOL.


how do you get that skin = mac

Maybe by reading the Hivebuster comics!? I don’t know… :neutral_face:

You get it with the Hivebusters book with the entire comic series.