Meatshield question

I know that due to core netcode issues meatshields behaviour is not consistent (as you might know like it happens with shots/damage) but: why some persons destroy the shield with one shot being far away and some have to pull like 3 shots even closer??

I don’t get what’s the trick. But if it’s the same as connection issues then it’s a mistery.

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Yeah this happens all the time in core tuning. I may as well have never picked up the meatshield because it was destroyed in one hit and now I’m awkwardly pulling out my weapon with no cover.


Oh nice to point that out. I forgot to say it’s usually core since I’m not currently playing competitive tuning.

dont forget that bagging and tagging with a frag will kill you as well most likely because for some reason B&T’ing increases the explosion of the frag magically

They should remove meatshield in gears 5

My favorite part is when you pick up a meatshield and the opponent 1 shots you because apparently, the shotgun ignores the shield.

I like it when someone picks up meat shield in front of me when I have snipe or boltok. They think they’re invincible. And, I get a cool ribbon for the headshot.

So bag and tagging increases explosive proportion to nuclear bomb (exaggerating) and Gnasher shoots through meat shields?
Well… I know limbs can fall off and some pellet could shoot through but even if they’re both true, then that’s sorta interesting…
But I’ve seen many instance where meatshields get shot apart and does save the player’s life.

It’s still useful when someone wants to chainsaw you but it rarely happens.

Nope, it’s related how much damage you took BEFORE the meatshield cover you picked.

I’m not aware of the meatshield’s health having anything to do with your own health before you picked it up…

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