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Meatshield Escape Glitch ruined my game

Alright, so I boot up for escape and I join a match and I deploy a drone as a meatshield. My character didn’t want to let him go at all, nothing worked and I was forced to leave the match. All I wanted was my damn Kantus.

you have to execute him

If you only have the pistol you need to snap its neck. On a keyboard its x by default.

Why didn’t you just try to get a Sniper, Grenadier or Drone to shoot it off? This is The Descent, I know there’s enemies near there. Assuming your teammates ahead didn’t kill them all before that could happen

And as others said, you can’t drop meatshields while you only have a pistol for whatever reason. You have to snap their neck, if you didn’t try it.

This might be a glitch but I have to ask: did you press A to execute while holding the meat shield?

If all you have is a pistol and no primary weapons, the only way to drop the meat shield is to execute.

If you have primaries, just swap to one and you will drop the meat shield.

Alternatively, did you let enemies fire at you which could destroy the meat shield?

My teammates kept killing all the enemies despite my wishes

Just snap the meatshield’s neck next time around. That should get rid of it. Or execute the enemy straight up. Not sure what control scheme you use or if you even use a controller, but it is X on Default. Only way to get rid of the shield without enemies shooting it.

If that doesn’t work for you… well… the only other suggestion I got is to try standing in the venom and hope it kills the meatshield?

I kept trying to snap it, it didn’t do my bidding. I just left, I was left behind anyways due to not being able to jump ledges.

Yeah… I would at least have tried seeing if the venom did anything. But Descent is a three act hive, worst case scenario you’d have died to venom and respawned in the saferoom after your teammates beat Act 1… or at the beginning if they failed.

Go to private horde and test out the snap on an enemy. If it doesn’t work then maybe you can take a look at your button map settings.

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I’ll get back and see if it works, I’m not sure if it’s really a “glitch” but I’ll continue to call it that unless proved wrong

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