Meat shield doesn't always work

Is it just me or does the meat shield seem useless at times??? It happens to me all the time…I down someone and pick them up only to be downed or killed by someone else who is in front of me in 1 shot even though I haven’t taken any damage.

Yep and your head is completely open too…yea meat shields are usless

I’ve noticed that it seems like a lot of things that worked in previous gears games don’t work in gears 4…strange

If by “work” you mean “picking up a meatshield turns me into an invincible, indestructible agent of death” then you are right: they don’t “work” :wink:

I’m not saying invincible I’m saying it should offer some sort of protection or shield when I haven’t been hit. But sometimes it just seems like the bullets go right through it

It works in King of The Hill if you have backup. It gives you more time and cover. Tho you still have to watch your back.