Mcdonald's grimace skin

Hi The Coalition,

Could it be possible to add skins for Marcus dressed as Ronald Mcdonald’s or Grimace. That would be so much fun,

Im taking the liberty of this request since youre in the business of selling skins and flags designs , instead of adding upgrades to improve horde or adding more ammo onto this game mode.

Thanks and KEEP IT UP !! = )


There should be a Tampax cross-promotion which unlocks a Tampax bloodspray. I’d really like it if I could play as Madea in the Horde and Escape modes.


I wouldnt be suprised that THE COALITION could add that, or adding POGO THE MURDERER CLOWN on the roster of characters to select in Horde, I mean as bad as it is the game , I could only wonder how to make Gears 5 funny nowadays LOL = D

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If your having ammo problems then you need to either play with the right people or invest in some ammo lockers. I havent had a game where ammo was a problem

In my humble opinion being a cover based shooter game where the point of it its to kill monsters , It should be more than enough to replenish the ammo with the ammo boxes already established throughout horde , just like in Gears 4 or 3 , I wouldn’t have to stow away the lancer on a ammo locker and use another weapon while waiting to charge the ammo, that’s not how its supposed to be, In either case its a step back from the original formula and from my perspective I have always seen people camping on the ammo boxes to replenish their ammo which is ridiculous.

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A Pennywise skin, can you imagine

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I think its most likely that the community would pay 5 dollars for it than instead the KEN DOLL that are trying to sell us right now