Maybe some ideas of fixing some issues

I know its a tech test but they need to fix some major issues…

  • Fix Spwans: Its fuuckuing annoying and a pain in the ■■■. Fix spawn points. Literally 3 people spawned behind me…THATS THE MAJOR ISSUE
  • fuucking notice the player when the spawn changes and i feel like its not some fix points , its just random placed spawn points…feels like cancer.
  • Fix hitbox issues and gnasher range. Literally perfect reload 1 meter distance and i couldnt 1 Shot the other player and hit him point blank LOL.
  • shooting around the corner feels like a lucky punch or like shooting with plastic bullets…
  • the LANCER feels…idk if im shooting with it, im feeling like im healing them. if i got shot, 3 bullets or 4 then im down.
  • let me choose prefering to play with other players , playing with ethernet instead of wifi. Most of thoose scrubs playing with Wifi and sponging around , not get hit at all and hitting others like a truck , seriously its quite annoying,.

+the lagging players on 160 ping not taking hits and top fragging/pointing each match.The reason I won’t buy this game.Lag compensation is a joke.

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