Maybe it is not a good thing if RAAM comes back in Gears 5

I am pretty sure that RAAM is going to return in Gears 5 watching the trailers.I know he is a fan favourite antagonist from first Gears game,i liked him too.
But now i think maybe it’s not a good thing if he comes back from the dead😥
The reason for this is because if he can be back so can Skorge and Myrrah and even that boss from Gears Judgment.
Skorge’s death was even more doubtful than RAAM’s,honestly i didn’t even realised he should have died when we defeated Hydra.
If their bodies cab be rejuvenated all this antagonists could come back, cause none of them was torn to pieces,they all died with their bodies intact.


Why are you certain that he’ll return?

Actually, RAAM’s body was probably close to vaporized when the Lightmass Bomb went off,


From the trailers,this one short scene where someoene opens his eyes in a pod.It looks exactly like Raam to me.

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Any one ever think that perhaps it was a dream and he was in it one way or another?

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But why was he then shown in a pod like he was preserved there?

You can’t tell he or she is RAAM unless you see the whole face and body / armour.

I told you it looks much more like the Berserker shown in the tank filled with the green fluid from the Kait Unleashed trailer. You can’t even be certain it actually is RAAM with such a close up shot of the face.


If you think it’s not a good thing for him to come back. Then it’s better to think he won’t.

I would still guess it’s a dream of some sort. Perhaps it’s a look like Raam too?

It’s likely not RAAM.

In the most recent trailer, we get a full body look of a Berserker in a stasis pod:


Compared to the image from Kait’s vision:


And a close up of a Berserker:


Chances are the individual in question is this Berserker.


Berserker for sure


Look at RAAM’s nose. And look at Berserker’s. It’s definitely Berserker’s. RAAM has a V-shaped nose. Unless you wanna try explaining how he had a nose transplant or plastic surgery.


I mean we did shoot him in the face a few times during his fight…

I later found this video that agrees with me from SASxSH4DOWZ breakdown of the story trailer.He says Berserker has red eyes now like i said.The thing in the pod when the lyrics say:"Bow down to one you serve"is Niles in his new body.And the one that openes his eyes is RAAM.

We can’t take anything from that vision at face value.

Superman’s eyes turn red too. So what? Even Highlander’s eyes turn red when he’s about to laser someone. Red eyes might as well just be emotional response. Or even like when you see cats with different colour eyes in the dark.

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Since we’re on the subject of eyes, focus on the ones from Kait’s vision, what do you notice? They’re faded in a way that suggests blindness - and we know that Berserkers are blind.

The one in green fluid may not even be the Berserker from beginning of trailer.
Berserker has red eyes and is shown outside of stasis pod.

To be honest, I think it was the red lighting in background that gives impression of red eyes.