Maybe Gears 5's rank system wont be so nonsensical

Beat a higher ranking team (eliminating common ranks we end up with (Onyx1, Gold3) them vs (Gold1,Silver2) on ours: so clearly they are higher).

I beat 3 onyx players and 1 Gold3 player…

Result? My Gold2 rank doesn’t move at all.

“Working as intended” my behind…

There’s nothing wrong with the ranking system except people don’t understand it.

I don’t agree with the way it works but it does work how TC intend it to work.

i hope they just remove it altogether and just add in leader board rewards

I hope there’s no problems with it either. Hopefully it’ll cut down on all the people crying about their ranks not working properly.

There really isn’t a good ranking system out there. Just use the leaderboard points Gears 1 style or Global Smash Ranking like Super Smash Bros. Instead of trying to find the perfect calculation of assist, kill to death, points, win loss, etc. Just show me how many ppl I am ahead of in total points. 95% of the time he who plays more / practices more is better anyways

The only way that would happen is if Gears 4’s ranking system is ripped out, stomped on then lit on fire for good messure AND if they fire whoever designed it in the first place

I hope it stays exactly the same so we can see these topics over and over again for Gears 5


Don’t worry, those will be replaced by threads saying how the “new system is worse than the old.”