Maybe a little redesign would be nice.... but I'm wishful

So I know TC started off the Gears 5 esports chrome steel characters pretty poorly. My only issue is with the chrome steel swarm elite hunter. Compared to the others in the chrome steel series he was probably made as the most bland one, I know it’s a lot to ask but anyone from TC who sees this should consider just a quick redesign with the elite hunter CS adding more chrome, triangle, or anything else that makes the skins stand up to its counter parts

Compared to…

It’s just not comparable to me. I dont have myrrah or the kantus CS but I know both look better. At the end of the day it’s still not the worst skin in the game but at the same time for a $10 and being a flagship skin I feel as if it should have or could be done slightly better, that is all.


My god that is a terrible skin for the hunter :rofl:

Theron guard is my go to atm but I wish I purchased the drone as the chrome steel design on him looks unbelievable

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CS Scion doesn’t look that special either. But while were at the CS-topic. It wouldn’t hurt to relist them for once as well…


I think the hunter one looks the nicest because I hate the jagged metal thing the others have going on.

Only Jermad is worth the money, but not really

I haven’t bought any swarm CS Since Theron, releasing palace guard and Theron back to back on the locust side was dumb.

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Agreed, also how they didnt need two onyx guard CS skins especially when the are carbon cut copies of each other, just pick one like damn. With a helmet on does it really matter that ones slightly skinnier?

I’ll actually take Vermello over casan any day of the week.

That’s the only one I got! Lol

I could have bought casan but she’s just annoying.

Yeah my thoughts exactly, like if they were gonna keep the gears personality as bland as they did what’s the point of vermeloo and casan in the first place. Just give me a cog gear that’s all I want. Not to mention the cog armor just doesn’t look right in this game, i cant put my finger on it but it’s missing something that makes it feel so dumbed down and bland

Chrome steel is the only skin for them that looks okay

My favorite is still benji boi