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May 21st Developer Stream - Highlights/Clips + Responses

Just as with the past 2 weeks, I’ve clipped the important info from yesterday’s Dev Stream.
Probably much easier watching a ~25 min highlight than the 2-hr full video :slight_smile:

…and yes, I interject my own thoughts/responses as well

Thanks for posting a shortened version.

Just can’t be a fanboy of Octus though. His last personal interaction on the forums pertaining to Gears 5 was February 21st according to his account. As CM, we deserve a little better than that.


Hopefully the next one does better.

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Just can’t be a fanboy of Octus though. His last personal interaction on the forums pertaining to Gears 5 was February 21st according to his account. As CM, we deserve a little better than that.

Hopefully the next one does better.

I get where you’re coming from, and I 100% agree that the Forums deserved more attention from the community team. He was excellent on twitter, and decent on Reddit.

That said, Liam’s job went way beyond community interaction. I HIGHLY recommend you READ THIS.

I can’t speak for what Liam did behind the scenes, but I feel pretty confident that he was probably the best we’ll ever get. The fact that he was a Gears fan long before joining TC (and I mean a big one), it meant that he could better connect to fans. To your point, he wasn’t able to communicate with fans as much as people would have liked…but when he did talk, it was more meaningful.

Again, I don’t know what happened behind the scenes. He claims he was stretched too thin, and thus not able to interact more. Perhaps that was his own doing, or perhaps he was forced into that situation. We’ll never know. I’ve certainly been known to be critical of TC (and even Liam at times)…but I wholeheartedly believe him when he says that he wishes he could have been more present.

It sounds like his replacement will be more dedicated to communicating with the community. That’s good, we’ll get more communication. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell though that they’ll be nearly as knowledgeable or able to connect to fans nearly as well as Liam has. We certainly need to give them a chance, and they hopefully prove to be a great CM. I just don’t think anyone can really live up to the truly fill the hole that was just left.


Read it.

I don’t doubt that Liam is a true Gears fan. Never questioned that in my mind. You obviously have no trouble beating up on Dana, deservedly.

And while you know I have respect for you, your personal interactions with Liam seem to cloud over how truly unresponsive he was with the forums. I don’t do Reddit. He may have been active there. I certainly see people on the forums repost Tweets, so he was more active there.

They’ve always (Pez, Liam, Dana) indicated that the forums are just a small part of the community. Main reason for that is their lack of interaction. When you have an official website and forums, one would assume that would be where the interactions take place first.

I do wish Liam the best. I harbor no ill will.

I would not, however, make it seem like filling his shoes is a bigger deal than it is. As long as a person can respond monthly, they already need TC to order bigger shoes.

I feel more compelled to throw sympathy at Ryan. He was obviously overworked, yet he still took it upon himself to post and respond. Not really his job title, yet I felt he was front and center as the face of TC for a while.

Many thanks Op,

Yeah, I’m probabaly biased due to my interactions with him.

Look at it this way though…the new CM seems like they’ll be taking a community communication focus. What if Liam dropped what he was doing now, and just started doing whatever the new CM would do?

So, I completely agree that from a broader perspective, whatever we get next will certainly be better in some aspects (actually getting communication), However, I feel the overall quality won’t be nearly as high as we had (or could potentially have) with Liam.


I know exactly what it means to be stretch to thin in a work environment, and when you show your able to handle multiple positions at once, your employer expects it from you and eliminates the position you were temporary filling in. I do hope there is more communication but not at a cost.

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Cheers Chaps
Great work as ever.

twitter and reddit are more widespread than these boards
if a content creators rants on twitter, the consequences are disastrous

Ok, lets watch it, i just cannot stand watching their streams… Managing my gag reflex for 20min is easier thsn for 2h, haha


Ok, personally i really think people are greatly over stating his impact on gears…

He was a communication channel between people who did the dev work snd those who played the game.

Most of the time what i heard from him was a combination of:

  1. I passed (this) to the dev team
  2. There will be changes in the future which will address (this)
  3. We feel that (this) is now in a good place
  4. Here is the reason why (this) is the way it is

Seriously, what original contribution has he injected into the players<==>TC communication? He was a coordinator of bug submissions, and the mouth piece for the “party line” on everything from PvP balances to PvE heros, cards, etc…

I bear him no ill will, but i dont think he added anything really meaningful to the picture,…


On the communications side, I would agree that it’s not some insanely impactful thing.

I do feel that he was able to better grasp the feelings (and wants) of the community though. I also feel that when he was able to speak about a topic, he was able to do so in much greater detail and relate better to the fans.

The whole communications thing will be a slight loss. Overall, perhaps a net gain being the new person will be more focused on it.

Where it may (perhaps) have the largest impact is on the other aspects of thr game. Liam being involved in the play tests, him working to determine which content to bring, ect. He said that he was spread across many roles due to his background and time at the studio.

the idea that the devs need to constantly chat with each and every one of us on a daily basis is silly, I would much rather them do more um developing and actually doing stuff that matters then just saying BS all the time.

What kind of developing would you prefer they do?
They’re the community team…they’re not programmers & designers.

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Keep doing these chaps I love the TLDR of it all

One of the main issues with this dev team has always been the actual coding/developing. They don’t have great coders, and this was evident from Gears 4’s prelaunch. About a week or 2 before launch they announced there’d be no in-game leaderboards/rank stats, and the reason was, “It’s too hard to do.” That’s a huge red flag and a very bad sign.

They’ve also continually pleaded for us to go easy on them because they’re a new team, etc. The bottom line is that there are many more suitable dev teams to handle this franchise. This team is so sloppy and inconsistent. I haven’t even heard anything further about Map Builder adding Versus/Horde map building yet.

One of the best things they could do is atleast hire 2-3 actually competent coders. They need to restructure how they gather info on balance changes, etc from the community. They also need to weigh that against how that affects the intended playstyle of the game, and not go too much by new players’ opinions that’ll cause things like weapon damage/range to get out of control, like they are right now in ranked.

Today’s is done, and currently rendering/exporting.
Should be live within the hour :slight_smile:

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My body is ready.

So I don’t remember if this video has been mentioned or discussed in any capacity on this forum board yet(and idk where to put it so just taking it here)…

All in all, I agree with all but the “1 character limit” in Horde/Escape lobbies because this was not an issue in Gears 4 even with duplicate classes, because for one there was icons on the scoreboard next to the player name(rather than a character head), and the player names were visible in Tac-Com as well, making it easy to tell who’s who and what, even if there was 2 Kaits, Anyas, Hoffmans or whoever. Usually the weapons they were using or their primary occupation was usually also a giveaway(Heavies would have Dropshots, Booms and Torque Bows, Snipers mainly had EMBARs and Longshots, Scouts did their power or enemy tanking thing, engis usually were a bit further back or fixing/reloading what was needed rather than being a front line fighter).

Even with more classes, assuming that is the direction they are taking, TC should just distinguish them through individual icons and let people use any character for anything(with exceptions made for Jack and maybe Cole’s Trashball moves/skill set). People complained about not getting to play their favorite character(s) in this overly restrictive system for a reason.

And I think telling apart who is what class shouldn’t be a difficult task. Then again, TCs new and improved (but not so great) overly intrusive aim assist, which they claim was to “modernize” the game, would seem to make one think otherwise in how much support they think a player really requires(yes, I absolutely despise the aim assist settings being cranked up to 11 and having that ridiculously annoying adhesion setting that cannot just be turned off separately without getting rid of almost all magnetism and whatever the third aim assist component is which is just as un-fun as the annoying adhesion by itself is, even just being a PvE only player… and I don’t even need it, Gears 4s aim assist was entirely sufficient and actually made hitting shots feel rewarding).

Still, rant aside, my point on the character limit stands with that it shouldn’t be a thing, in my view. It’s a restriction people wanted gone and it shouldn’t stay.