May 14th Developer Stream - Highlights/Clips + Feedback

I was bored last week, and decided to clip together the highlights from the Dev Stream. In doing so, I realized that I had quite a few comments of my own, so I edited them in. I got good feedback about the video and people asked for more…so here we are again.

May 14th Dev Stream:

Basically, I just clipped out any items of interest, and then added some of my personal thoughts.


Let’s be honest about how we’re all doing rn :sweat_smile:

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Well, as someone is working from home, COVID hasn’t really effected me much.
And as someone who didn’t play during OP2 (as in earned ZERO stars), I’ve actually been enjoying Gears a lot recently :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah…strange times


Same boat

I wasn’t planning on playing OP3 until somebody convinced me to.

And we still haven’t played yet. Eventually I gotta get around to that.

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I’m planning to play on Saturday and Sunday.

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Do you play horde? I want to but I don’t have friends to play with anymore :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks for taking the time and doing a break down. Appreciate it.

Well. U missed out. The game played soooo much better in operation 2 compared operation 3.

The game imo was almost perfect. In terms of mechanics. It only needed CONTENT AND MAPS ( MORE SO MAPS)

But they went ahead and blew that out the door.
I took up for tc since launch but post op.3 im not biting my tongue anymore.
Its sooo disheartening to give real feed back and the complete opposite is done.

I wish they would give gears 4 60 tic servers and i would give away my gears 5 disc.
Side note. Its unreal just how much gears memorabilia i have. Its It’s literally a mini museum. Ive sold more gears stuff
than someone has ever collected. Just imagine what i still have.
But thata okay. Just keep slapping me in the face tc.

OMFG, listen to them doing the same old crap as they always did. When someone points out a legit issue/complain, they immediately misdirect to talk about something COMPLETELY different, BUT they make it sound like they are addressing the issue…

Example: talking about scrapping unneeded cards to help level up cards you actually use. They immediately talk about adding 'higher character XP days…" This has NOTHING to do with this issue!! It’s not Character levels! It’s the CARD levels! My characters are level 18… I don’t need more character XP… I need to scrap the 17 useless gold cards I have which I don’t use, to level up the purple cards I DO use…

My theory - scrapping cards would reduce grind, since you would scrap cards from 1 characters to level up cards from another. And they don’t like/want that… So they are purposely not implementing scrapping, to keep people locked within the specific characters…

Nothing has changed, I still can’t watch these, I get so pissed off… Either THEY are complete idiots, or they think WE are complete idiots…

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[quote=“Omen_LP, post:10, topic:45177”] Either THEY are complete idiots, or they think WE are complete idiots…
This last stream had quite a bit of both.

Sounds like the Hero system might be getting removed or getting a complete overhaul. They compared it to what’s happening with the Ranking system.

Looks like we got some big changes on the way.

Yeah, you know what we need?

  1. pick your character skin

  2. pick your ultimate

  3. pick your passive

  4. pick 5 skill cards

Now go play the game.

That’s what we need.

And we will never get that, lol.

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Or maybe…

  • Pick your character
  • Pick your skins
  • Now go play with some duplicate players

Lol, but honestly it was that easy when horde first came out on gears 2.

It wouldn’t make much sense tho. Cole’s abilities, for example, are specifically for him. It would be weird to see any other character use his ultimate or his unique abilities.

I think they should leave the Hero system in place and then just offer a Classic Horde variant.

Yes, that’s what I want personally!

But also “no hero system” because TC is crunched enough as they are, the devs need breathing room, ya know?

I think that would lead to some imbalance.

Why not:

  • Pick Class - includes cards, passives, ult, loadout, perks, etc
  • Pick Character


  • Pick Class (ie: scout, engineer, ect) - includes passives & perks
  • Pick SubClass (based on class) - includes cards, loadout, ult
  • Pick Character

Either THEY are complete idiots, or they think WE are complete idiots…

I mean, yeah, sometime stuff doesn’t come out well. A lot of it is for PR reasons I assume though.

I still REALLY wish that Liam took lead on these streams. Dana can be there to support or answer the occasional thing (or do his stupid color commentary type stuff), but let Liam do the majority. Liam actually seems to have a connection to the fans and can better understand concerns. Sure, we get some PR type stuff from him, but most of the time it actually sounds like a Gears fan responding to us. With Dana it’s mostly just disconnect/confusion intertwined with non-stop “ummmm” and “uhhhh”.

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Something that could help is having proper attention being paid to all stream chats. They have streams on YouTube, Twitch and Mixer but Dana at one point mentioned he only had Twitch and YouTube stream chat open, and I didn’t see many questions from the Mixer chat(if any) answered, at least in the later part of the stream.

And Octus was getting distracted by gameplay more often than not as well.

Yeah, they should bring in one of the ex-pros to play for them…so they can focus on the community.

I’ve also recommended many times that they use (or something similar). Use a central/neutral app to gather questions. Fans can then upvote/downvote the questions, and have the popular ones rise to the top. TC can then answer the top questions from that.

(Typos due to phone keyboard)

I think that this fear of creading “imbalances” is what resulted in the current situation… Isnt the current case, with JD, the most imbalanced horde EVER?

JD destroys everything, with ease… Playing with a JD on your team, most others can go AFK for long perdios without any negative implications…

Playing without him makes for a hugely more difficult game…

Thats an imbalance…

Thry are sooooo worried about anything being “OP” they are giving us impotent load out weapons, forcing everyone to rely on heavy weapons we dont buy, and trying characters’ usefullness to their ultimates…

Last night i was playing solo horde, as Clayton. I like his atun ability, and his defensive abilities. But , on insane only, his retro was useless… It took more than a full mag to kill a juvie…A JUVIE… Most of the time i was just feeding ammo to Marcus during his ultimate…

It really pissed me off, how impotent his loadout weapons are, for actually killing things… I hate it. I hate that they took away dropshot headshot and torbow headshot as insta kills on non bosses! That, BY ITSELF, would have EVERY character a viable killer, in addition to their other abilities…

Honestly, if they dud that, and allowed characters with existing explosive perks (keegan, lizzy, clayton) to buy a gl, that would greatly help rebalance Horde, i think.

I used to run eneegy scout in gow4, with a dripshot, i always felt ready to take on scions if i run into thrm,. Why? The dropshot. That was fun.

This cowering beyind cover, waiting for a trishot to become available, i am reaching my limit of putting up with it.

This, and the idiotic rng card drops. No one, NO ONE has explained even WHY we have that system in the first place.

In gow4 it made sense: they were selling us loot boxes. Here, they arent. So whats the business point? Why isnt the card unlocked by leveling up your character already maxed? What would they miss out on id that happened?

The current system pusses people off, it makes thrm angry, doesnt make them want to play MORE…

I dont get it…