[MAX DUNBAR INTERVIEW ] Embry Square Podcast Community Questions!

Hey Everyone EmbryStarred here , We have an exciting announcement! With the upcoming graphic novel release of Rise of Raam coming out June 28th Which if you have not already You can preorder here

We recently reached out to Max Dunbar and asked if he would like to be interviewed for our AWESOME podcast and we want YOU to join in!

If you don’t know already Max Dunbar was the Lead illustrator of the Rise of Raam comic series and has previously worked on popular comic titles such as Rat Queens, Dungeons and Dragons, Transformers/ G.I Joe and a bunch more titles!

At Embry Square and Crimson would like to gather your questions for Mr. Dunbar so comment below and let us know! Be sure to submit any and all questions before June 24th 2018

If you have not already seen any of our podcasts Click HERE out!

Super pumped to see what questions you guys have!


Where did the idea of Uzil Sraak come from?
Which is your favourite character out of the Rise of RAAM comics?

How did it feel going in blind drawing these comics? What was your favorite project to work on? Please tell me it was gears!

What went into Sraaks armor?
Is it human armor that he uses or was it made specifically for him based on a human design? Is the Armour what makes him so much larger than Raam or is he just that large?
Were you a long time Gears fan or did the opportunity to work on the comic bring you in?
Have you been surprised at all how much the Gears community has loved Sraak?


How much RAAM could a Sraak chuck if a Sraak could chuck RAAM?

How much RAM could RAAM RAM if RAAM could RAM?

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Ooh, here’s a question:

How many ideas and quick sketches get thrown out before you settle on panel layouts? Not just in Rise of RAAM.

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What are the main factors of ideas do you think of for the creature design concepts for characters in the Gears series? also would love to see unused ideas!

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hello I would like to know if you are inspired by the previous novels of Karen Traviss? are you going to adapt the comics in one comic strip

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Come on guys I know you got questions!

would like to create an animated series on the origins of locust

Thank you all for the question submissions I asked all of them and max dunbar was awesome to talk to I made sure to acknowledge you all and hope to have the final product out wendsday morning!