Matte Black Skins

Hi TC,

could it be possible to add the MATTE BLACK Skins for all weapons not just the markzda or the long shot ?



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This is gonna disappoint you, but I’m about 99% sure that the other skins in this range were sold in the shop at some point last year.


I have found that the longshot, markzda and the embar are available to buy from the skin configuration. they cost 100 .

however for the lancer gl or the regular lance I didn’t find the matte black skin even available for those weapons.

Hell yeah! Thats my sniping loadout… it makes them actually look like weapons as opposed to a swirling rainbow or retro neon green joke!..

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correct my friend, on the FAZH those skins looks sick… I just wonder why they don’t release those skins for the jd weapons. hahahahahaha

I really like them ,

I can’t remember precisely, but I think the other skins were sold in partial sets. This might explain why the only ones available to craft are the Torque, Longshot, EMBAR and Markza.

TC’s method of selling partial sets has always been to split the weapons up into (1) starter weapons (Lancer, Gnasher, Talon, Boltok and Snub); (2) assault weapons (Enforcer, Hammerburst, Retro, Claw, Overkill; (3) power weapons (Boomshot, Dropshot, Lancer GL, Breaker Mace); and (4) precision weapons (Longshot, Markza, EMBAR and Torque). I suspect they had released the others in the store and decided to make the precision weapons craftable.


thanks @Bleeding_Pepper I really hope they could make them available again I mean, as stated by @The_Bozzmeister those skins really makes the weapons look like real weapons witohut a doubt. I would be highly interested to buy all the sets.

It’s kind of strange since they don’t have any special designs, however they make them look real guns .

The loadout weapons were in October. I couldn’t find any mention of the other sets.


thanks @Bleeding_Pepper for your kind help…

Yes I also investigated and seems to me that only the loadout set which its the one I got via craftable its the only one avaiable for MATTE BLACK, it seems to me that they never released that designs for the other weapons as well…

I hope they will man . since I think more tha none would buy it , not to mention my friend @The_Bozzmeister hhahahaa :smile:

This is precisley why the store shouldn’t have timed content. I haven’t seen any weapons for quite a while i would actually spend my iron on,if you had a whole back catalouge of content to browse people are then more likely to part with their money.


The other sets were sold as dailies when that was a thing

yes man @The_Bozzmeister they should return those matte black sets, right now the phantom purple sets are just plain horrible as per my point of view… I wouldn’t use them even if they were for free man .