Matriarch is dumb, unbalanced, and not fun to fight (horde)

The matriarch is too frustrating to be fun in horde. First of all it’s just a bullet sponge which isn’t any fun. Second, it just completely deletes your base. You can play for forty waves and if you get that matriarch in waver 40 it’s like “heyyy good luck the next ten waves with half your stuff gone.” It’s not even like it’s too difficult, it’s just CHEAP, and frustrating and not fun. Last night I got the matriarch in wave 50 and it destroyed literally every fortification we had. Fortunately it was 50 so we won and it didn’t matter but if that was 40 that was nearly two hours of playing that got erased. The other night I did get her in 49 and by the end of it we had like two sentries and a couple wires left, couldn’t recover to make 50.

Again…it’s not like she’s hard to kill. She isn’t. She just takes forever and is cheap, and again, is not fun to fight in any way.

Ok I feel better now. Back to KOTH.


JD bleed


If you’re just making the point that “hey this card makes that easier” that doesn’t really hold up against a critique on game design. For one, we didn’t have a JD. Second, the problem isn’t that she’s too hard to kill, it’s that she’s not fun to fight. It’s a poor design choice by the developer.

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Disagree but ok. Matriarch is an awesome boss fight in Horde.


Why though? I just find it cheap. It’s automatic destruction of most of your base. You can’t really repel it, it doesn’t react much to your fire, and it just takes forever. I find it zero fun.

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You can guide the Martriarch away from your base easily. It doesn’t have to destroy your base unless you sit there and camp.

Clear out the smaller enemies then focus all fire on the Matriarch. You have to be mobile with this boss.

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Have you ever even tried playing Insane, Inconceivable or Master? “Being mobile” is NOT an option on those difficulties. Literally everything is an insta down.


You ever consider using the cryo?
A popscickle can’t smash up a base…

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True, but I also wouldn’t play those difficulties without a decent JD. In my experience the better engineers and Jacks will also move the forge and some of the lockers/sentries to red to protect them while the boss is still alive.


As others have said JD is the Key, however a good Kait can help massively too. Hide the forge immediately, JD starts the bleed and kait can add to it, if the Matriarch starts getting close to the base the others can start hiding turrets and lockers. The other three keep JD and Kait alive so they can do their job and use cyros to help slow her down

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The replies about team comp are fair enough but am I the only one who thinks that if defeating a boss requires a specific comp then it is bad design? Same thing with moving fortifications to red. If I have to do that, it’s a poorly designed fight. And yes I know that you don’t need JD or Kait to defeat the Matriarch nor do i HAVE to move the fortifications, I’m just saying that being pigeon holed into certain strategies or set ups is poor design. And this, dumb, cheap, and not fun.


I cooked one in the incinerator on Forge last night.

I was playing with randoms on Master difficulty, it was wave 30. Our JD had left and we had a replacement who was Fahz. Our team was Kait, JACK, Marcus, Del and Fahz. We all thought we were stuffed.

When the Matriarch appeared, I noticed the icon was roughly where the incinerator was so ran up to the switch to have a look. And indeed it was. I hit the switch - bam! Problem solved. The game was so shocked it didn’t even throw in a second Mariarch and my team mates worshipped me as their God. :sunglasses:


we need to be able to build a forge in every map … wonder how much energy that would take :rofl:

Has any one every smacked a Boss with a train on Asylum ??

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Bosses survive a train hit,I’ve seen a Swarmak,Snatcher and a Matriarch do.

What I hate of a matriarch is that scream while runs.

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I don’t recall ever seeing the train during boss waves. I’d assumed it was deactivated but I guess I just haven’t been paying enough attention.

I was in that game. Easy boss fight


Embar with cryo rounds followed with an active xray long shot to the face. 4 of these and she’s frozen dinner

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I think the Matriarch is an awesome boss. Yes it’s a pain in the ■■■ sometimes and can ruin your base if your not ready for him. The main issue is that this horde mode Is all about teamwork and having the right characters like JD & KAIT with bleed cards and knowing what they are doing! Will make any boss at anytime a walk in the park at the highest of difficulties…finding the right team and people that know what they are doing is the PROBLEM, and sometimes feels like mission impossible to find. I played a master game on forge last night and the Matriarch came wave 20, I’m level 18 JD with Level 3 Bleed and I Cooked Him in under a min before he even got a chance to come anywhere near the base. There’s many ways to take him down, but you gotta be quick and know what your doing and that is the issue! As most times your playing with muppets.

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I think a good rule of thumb for her is to try to not agro her right away. If you shoot at her chances are that she’ll come right for your base. Leave her alone and try to whittle down the rest of the wave first. Then you can hide your fortifications and have the whole map to work with. Of course that all becomes pretty unnecessary with a good JD, but not all teams are going to have one.

I mean, the alternative is that you make it so easy that no particular strategy is required. You’re playing a co-op mode designed around teamwork, and complaining about being “pigeon holed” into needing to use specific strategies for a boss

I would offer one caveat, which is that I do agree that your base should be able to survive a Matriarch a little better - this isn’t a huge issue on lower difficulties, but it is a large issue on higher ones when just ghosting out all of your fortifications isn’t wise. It’s a little annoying how anything she just happens to stumble across is just insta-dead, and using “ghosting out” your fortifications as a strategy in the first place feels kinda like mechanics cheese.

However, on higher difficulties I think it’s completely fair to expect certain characters with certain card builds being necessary to win, and bleed abilities on JD or Kait absolutely lay waste to the Matriarch.