Matriacrh can spikes be removed?

In horde if your hit by a matriacrh spike can you remove it or are you dead if your hit?I was hit and after a attempt to pull it out my char died,but there was no button option that came up during the attempt to pull it what do you have to do if hit?

Supposed to tap B rappidly to remove spike.

If you got downed 2 times before,you die.
Otherwise you can get free with the melee button,and move fast or you will be squashed.

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Ok thanks,the 2nd i got hit by the spike the hit b popped up.i didn’t see it the 1st time.

This currently only seems to be the case for Versus. Horde and Escape appear to allow you infinite downs.

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He’s talking about going “down” when you get hit by the spike from the matriarch, you can only get hit by the spike twice and for some reason the third spike you get hit by insta-kills you for some reason

Hm… ok. Never happened to me.

But well, you wouldn’t really be able to take many of these, technically. But I don’t have a whole lot of trouble to avoid getting hit by them either by rolling at the right time or getting behind some cover if there is any. So maybe I’m not the right person to speak on this matter.