Mathematical Proof the Tour of Duty System Is Whack

Still doesn’t make sense. If there’s no need to play horde specificly people can play what they like and get way more xp than they would just doing nothing in a horde match.

Plus it would be easy to implement a feature to kick afkers or ban them. an xp method is still the best for everyone

I mean it gives you double stars which is really helpful to be honest

I haven’t had an issue with getting Stars in ToD and getting to/completing General in each OP with a few weeks to spare. But I do feel that the ToD system is broken and has lack luster rewards. Which like DonKnee says, forces you to play game types/modes you don’t want to play or to grind out ridiculous amounts of kills/power in general or with specific characters/weapons that you don’t want to play as.

With OP3 they added a 4th daily objective and re-did the previous 3. You have now 2 objectives that can be completed in any mode, a versus objective, and then a horde/escape objective.

I honestly hate playing versus and with the changes they made to the AI in Co-Op vs AI, there is now no difference in difficulty between Beginner or Advanced. I understand why they made the tuning changes as they wanted it to feel like you were playing against real people, but if I wanted to play against real people, I’d just play normal versus. As in normal versus at least people miss, where as the AI now seems to have 100% accuracy from anywhere on the map with any weapon. Nothing like being point blank on a bot with the Gnasher shooting and not killing it, only to have it roll/slide/wall bounce further away and shoot once with Gnasher and kill me only to see that I did 83% at point blank range and it did 100% from further away.

I personally never touch the Versus or Ranked medals and in OP3 I was given a daily challenge of winning a 2v2 Gnashers match on the first day, which last time I checked is only a Ranked mode, and it was only for 1 star. Needless to say I never completed this challenge and didn’t waste a re-roll on it so it has permanently stayed there.

My biggest grip with ToD is that for those who complete it before the OPs end, it then becomes pointless to complete any daily challenges or go after any of the other medals (unless you wanted the specific reward for one of the medal groups). And “if” you have boost, you are now given double stars all the time, unlike during previous OPs where you were only given double stars on specific days, so some people complete ToD a lot quicker.

TC needs to implement a system that when you complete ToD that any extra stars you get are “banked” just like scrap or iron. Now these banked stars can’t be used in future ToDs, but I have a few ideas for them.

  1. These extra stars can be used to purchase “unlockable” content from the previous ToD (not the current ToD and nothing that was in the Store during previous ToDs) that you may have missed or if you came to the game late may never have gotten. 25 stars for 1 of the green rewards, 50 stars for blue, 100 stars for purple, and 200 stars for the legendary reward. This way for those who don’t play specific game modes but wanted the reward from a particular medal page, they could earn it this way. Also you wouldn’t be able to redeem the stars for a reward you already got from a previous ToD.

  2. These extra stars could be converted to scrap. As you barely get any scrap in the game as it is since the Supply Drop’s RNG is **** and it personally gives me nothing but the same green marks and banners over and over at 5 scrap a piece. These extra stars could instead be exchanged/converted to scrap at something like 5 scrap per star.

  3. These extra stars could be exchanged for iron. Now being that iron is a currency that TC does not like to give much of it out for free, like the scrap, for each extra star we get we could turn into 1 iron or 5 iron each if TC is feeling generous.

  4. These extra stars could be converted to XP at the end of the OP. With Re-Up 20 being apart of the Seriously achievement and now with have achievements for reaching Re-Up 20 and 30, it’s only safe to assume that we will one day see a Re-Up 40 and 50 achievement as well as an increase up to probably Re-Up 100. So to give a little extra boost to the XP you gain, as what you get from just playing is like everything else in Gears, abysmally low, each extra star you get will be converted to 100 XP at the end of the OP.

To me, tc really found the right level of challenge with op3, it was a bit of work but hardly insurmountable to reach general. Agree about some rewsrd for excess stars, and I think any one of your suggestions would be great.

Dude… i play a fair share of GOW and im.reup 15 and feel it takes forever to do a reup. Im going for 20 but im NOT doing 30 and let alone 40 or 50 if they put it. And you talk about reup 100? What??? Lol

Ill admit i don’t buy boost but even with them 30 would seem like a stretch.

Even if the game last 4 years this time… at the end of 4 i was tired of it and played much less. 2 years for a new release is imo the best time laps when your game is heavily focussed on MP.

The only people I see re-up 30+ either used previous exploits, repeat the escape method over and over (sometimes for hours at a time) and/or play horde on master over and over again, to a point where they should probably be treated for an addiction. I’m talking 12 hours or more every day.

It’s a shame this behaviour is the benchmark for everyone who plays naturally and healthily.

I worked out once that it would take 5+ years to reach re-up 50 with playing a few hours every day but can’t remember if that was with or without boost.


I’ve seen a few people past 30+ now, those that play a lot of Horde. But 36-37 is truly the halfway to 50.

TC mentioned that requirements would change.

It’s a symptom. Gears 4 and 5 have been created with a different audience in mind.

First loot boxes and grinding and now an entire roadmap of grinding. Really makes it tough to enjoy for us older people.


The sad truth is, I know people that are 40-50+ years old and are trapped in this mind set.

As @Ektope said, I hope it is changed to make the maximum re-up (or the maximum re-up for achievements), obtainable for people who play the game for healthy period of time.

At least the re-ups are finite.

The skill card RNG mechanics are shrouded in so much secrecy that it might be true to say someone attempting to max their character may never get all the skill cards required.

One of my questions about the TOD system is why playing campaign doesn’t count toward TOD stuff? Granted this was most relevant to me when the game launched.

However, there have been times I wanted to play campaign, but because it doesn’t count towards TOD I chose not to so I could grind out the daily challenges such as to eventually unlock hive buster Cole. I have unlocked him recently, but I think I’m about done with worrying about TOD stuff for this op.


It seems gears is turning into pay to play type game and it’s also disappointing that the previous tod, if u missed you can’t get the content I started late. So I missed out on tod 1 & 2. They should make the skin obtainable again in future tours, so you can actually get all the skins. But seriously it’s like console games are turning into phone games. It seems they like raping their supporter’s, I think their confused or just really greedy lol

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You do realise that GOW4 was similar in that respect right? If you missed out on content from a Gear Pack then you couldn’t get it until it became craftable. Most Gear Packs only appeared in the store for a week, amd maybe returned briefly for another week. Challenges also had deadlines. In many ways it’s no different. TC may bring back older content in future but at this stage who knows? GOW4 made Gear Pack content craftable after around 12-15 months.

Really… The tod is easily completed now. 8 don’t play every night, I only play koth and I finished the tod nearly 3 weeks ago.

I can’t imagine anyone having a hard time completing it since they updated how the stars are gained. I saw loads of people with the astronaut skin weeks before I’d unlocked it.

Ffs stop crying. Even a stump of a human could complete the Tod now.

This post was made at the launch of Gears 5.

Oh that makes sense

Head slap for me :man_facepalming:

Why did you comment on this months old thread when it’s obvious the Tour is now fairly easy to complete anyway, so this particular complaint had been addressed and is no longer valid? That’s what I was saying.

Oh no…did I comment on a really old post without realising…sheeeeeeet…better call the POlice quick time.

Closing to avoid confusion as things have now changed drastically.