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Mathematical Proof the Tour of Duty System Is Whack

Let’s look a little more in depth at the great new method for unlocking free in game content TC has hyped up. As of now the only way to get the free content in Gears 5 is by getting stars to rank up in tour of duty. Stars only come from completing limited daily challenges or completing medal challenges that last the tour length (3 months) after which the content becomes unobtainable. Playing campaign, earning xp, using boost, and leveling up will not earn you any stars and therefore do not contribute to getting content on the ToD at all. The total rewards are:

-14 banners

-6 marks

-4 blood sprays

-6 expressions (2 of which are usable for one character only)

-4 executions

-11 (dare I say boring?) reskins of already available characters

-4 skins for the Gnasher only (not complete sets)

-5$ aka 500 iron total (not even enough to buy your favorite country’s flag)

Let’s run some numbers.

First what it takes to get to general. Each rank has 3 tiers and goes up a star after. I’m sure there’s a formula for it but I’m not that smart, so it looks like (3×5) + (3×6) + (3×7) + (3×8)… + (3×18). Meaning there is a total of 483 stars to be earned to get you to general. Your reward… a skin for one weapon.

Next let’s look at daily challenges/objectives. You have 90 days. If you played every single day you would need to average roughly 6 stars a day to reach general. Keep in mind this is with taking no days off. However, even that quota is totally unrealistic when your random challenges for the day look like this:

2 problems here:

  • the stars earnable in a day are limited by number. So when you get days like mine, making quota is impossible from the start. Best case I could earn 4. At that rate I would be at 360 stars when the 90 days are up. Making me 123 stars shy of general and forcing me to play game types I would rather not, which brings me to the next problem…
  • The stars earnable are limited by game type. I personally only stick to versus, so the 30 assists for 2 stars is the only one I will get playing normally. You get one free re-roll… I used it already, it was kill 30 elite drones for one star (another one I would never get from just playing mp). Naturally I could pay $ to get more, but that kind of undermines the idea of “free” content. So, this cuts my daily total in half. Meaning at that rate I would realistically receive 180 stars after playing 90 days straight. Leaving me 303 stars shy of general. Whack

Finally let’s look at medals, or what I like to refer to as “mini seriously 5.0’s you’ll need to complete every 3 months.” There are a total of 262 stars available from medals:

-31 from basics

-30 from weapons

-24 from enemies

-33 from escape

-27 from hivebusters

-23 from horde

-30 from heroes

-34 from versus

-24 from ranked

2 problems here as well:

  • just as with daily challenges, many medals are tied to game types you probably would have zero interest in playing otherwise. Even worse, this means certain rewards (such as character skins) are only obtainable by getting all the medals in a specific game type you might have zero interest in playing otherwise. This makes them either unobtainable or turns them into a virtual chore.

  • many medals also take considerable amounts of time and effort to complete. Safe to say unreasonable amounts of time for people who don’t live in their parent’s basement like I do.

So let’s look at how feasible this is for me specifically. Playing mostly my preferred game modes I will optimistically get 10 stars from basic, all 34 from versus, and all 30 from ranked (and that includes 15 wins in torturous arcade mode). Realistically giving me 74 stars from medals. Add that to my above total of daily challenges it still leaves me 229 stars short of general after 90 days. So even playing an ungodly amount of gears there will be a serious limit to the amount of free content I can earn. And tbh none of the stuff offered is really all that great to begin with imho. I’m curious how many people working for TC actually play the game and would honestly admit this is a great system, let alone intend to actually compete a tour of duty…

As illustrated by the above math, the ToD system as it currently stands is mad whack.


Just a clarification, as you can reroll 1 object for free, at worst it would be 4 objectives for 1 star each (which I currently havent ever seen).

360 + 262 is 622, which is far more than the 483 stars you have calculated to reach general.

That is assuming all objectives each day (which is excessive I know) AND that the objectives all only give you 1 star (which is below what I have seen on mine from the 4 objectives).

Otherwise I do take the point that its a lot to do for content you may not actually enjoy. Hopefully TC takes feedback from people that want to be able to earn content from only playing the modes they enjoy so they don’t feel forced into particular modes.


I do hope they adjust the stars system. Personally I’m going to be rotating all modes, but I know lots of people won’t want to do that.


Same, and I agree with you


Right but I 'm only playing the game modes I want to and therefore I use my free re-rolls in hopes of getting versus specific challenges, otherwise I’m not going to do them. Plus I won’t be playing 90 days straight. Don’t forget you added all 262 stars from medals to get your total. I only plan to get 70-80, and that’s still playing game modes I normally wouldn’t touch.


Yeah I get that, TC is looking at feedback for it, so threads like this are really helpful


This was kinda depressing to read. If this is correct and they do not adjust it, only the people playing several hours a day AND with a bit of luck will be able to get all the rewards.

Sure, all players cannot get all stuff, but a system that basicly need the player to be a ‘no-lifer’ to get the rewards, is a VERY BAD system!


So far this has been probably one of the best threads for feedback. Actual mathematics for showing a problem. We need more of this.


Gonna reply once more here, things have been sinking in a bit…

We need to keep in mind that 1 / each Tour of Duty in Gears 5 lasts for 3 months, and there will be new ones all the time.

Keep this in mind when numbers here show that a player need to play for several hours a day, year around, and maybe even some luck in the tasks, to be able to get all the rewards each Tour.

I am kinda shocked how TC have come up with such a bad system! Sure, a true casual, just playing a few hours a week cannot think he will get all rewards. But if you play more or less every day, lets say 1-2 hours a day, and about 10-15 hours a week, should NOT have a problem to get all the rewards.

A reward system like this is, if the calculations here are correct, its directly absurd! And its a slap in the face for the large majority of the playerbase.


I am concerned about this too and was doing rough math in my head and knew it would tight getting to General even doing ALL the daily challenges. Dont even care about the skins . I just want the achievement and then I will never grind out this tour and just actually plan the game my way.


The problem with online games these days is that they are turning into chores/work. What started out as dailies etc to make progression faster and more rewarding to play regularly, has turned into a painful chore you need to do, or you lose out on content!

This is wrong! It should be rewarding (normal) play, not penalizing not enough play!

Since the game is brand new, not even in full public release. There has been close to no posts about this, but as soon as this becomes common knowledge, this will be a raging topic among the waste majority of the playerbase, which do not play many hours a day.

When people that play the game more or less every day, see that they will miss out on content each and every Tour, this will be one step towards stop playing, because this is how these things affect us. When you feel totally unable to reach your goal, over and over, most normal people stop what they are doing and find other goals (in this case other games).

TC needs to take this seriously!


Exactly! Daily challenges should be for more casual players to attempt to keep pace but more dedicated players should have no problem getting through each tour.

Like you said, you see a lot of ■■■■■■ systems like this in games these days. Half of it is because the devs want to force you into their other modes and the other half is because devs always adjust for the possibility that players do EVERY SINGLE THING to level up when that is the opposite of true for the VAST majority of players. People just want to play the modes they want to play.

There’s so much unnecessary change in this game it’s laughable. The Damage omen that’s been the same in every game was changed for the worse because “reasons”. The active reloads were changed for the worse beecause reasons. And now the rank up system that’s been in the last four games (Gears 2 was a little different but in the same vein so I counted it) has been changed for the worse because, you guessed it, reasons.

I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone complain about this stuff. So why was it changed? What’s the point in removing or heavily altering basic systems that have been in place for almost the entire series? The next game (honestly I hope there isn’t one) will be first person with a minimap and the Lancer will probably be a semi automatic rifle with an acog, they already put a noob tube on it so I really wouldn’t be surprised.


Nice post Jarnhand.

Sadly this is gaming these days.

Make a grind. Sell shortcuts for money. Add in the fear of missing out.

It’s just greed, plain and simple.


Except the only payable shortcut in this (spending iron for more refreshes) requires you to still play the game to accomplish them.

You can’t just pay to skip ranks or purchase the content outright either.


I don’t understand the point of boost if it doesn’t help you earn Tour of Duty stars faster. Leveling up your account doesn’t really get you any rewards except when you re-up, and even then you only get one item.


You and me both.

What about winning a ranked match every week in a ranked season? There’s an achievement for that too.

I play a lot of Gears, and i do enjoy unlocking skins, but even for me this number of time needed to get to general vs the time allowed looks ridiuclous. Im not even counting that the last 3 days the game has been broken and not very enjoyable to play (thus less apealing to go do challenges)

Also, could be total coincidence, but i had a 3 stars challenge for winning a certain map, i swear it never appeared, not even in the votes, then i remove the challenge because screw that, after 2 days of trying, and first game… look what map it is AHEM !!!

Anyway. As many peoples, i would like the skins but could live without having some “basic skins” that need a crazy grind. BUT there is an achievement for it and THAT i need it.

I really hope TC extand this tour for at least an additional month due to the bugs and all, or reduce the number of stars needed and then adjust the next ones.

Because yeah we can buy iron to get more objectives but no way im putting 100$ in a game for achievements… like cmon.

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hopefully they do cuz ive played 2 days now and im still no stars to show what i did on the tod and im still level 1 like i havent even played a game yet lol.

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I had the exact same issue w the map challenge!!!

I need to win a VS match on District for 3 stars.

2 days didn’t pop up once.

Changed out the challenge, Bam 2nd match after, it come sup and we win

However, over 30 matches with it active, it didn’t come up once, and with only 5 MP maps in rotation…ridiculous.

It was not even in the VOTING section to even get a single vote

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Can confirm they are the full sets, just hit Major I and I got the full set