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Matchmaking years behind. Caught a ban when i did not even quit

(TLaRiC) #1

Great job guys. Implement a system that bans people for no reason. Sounds great in theory but i get a 30 min ban for no reason. I search a 2v2 and the lobby just disconnected, yet everything else working great with my internet.

I remember now why i uninstalled this game. This is a gears 1 player as well, have played every game in the series.

(Redfox888) #2

This has become worse scince there quit penalty update that is supposed to punish people that are quitting to go play another game anyway. This just needs to be taken out but everybody keeps whining about quitters getting them deranked when that doesnt always happen unless you lose very badly to a team you were predicted to win against. Plus you get the option to leave without penalty if the quitter does not rejion after the so many minutes.

We just want to play but TC has other ideas. If the next installment is as bad as this has been im afraid gears might only be around for esports if were lucky.

(iUltraxx) #3

The quit penalty system is useless. I had a guy on my team who left. I was looking at his profile and it said Borderlands 2.

I was messaging him, if he knows that he ruins the fun for other people and I asked if he does even care. He just said something like “calm down”

People leave a ranked match and just go hop on another game like Fortnite, FIFA or in this example Borderlands 2. They don’t even care if they get banned, neither do they care about the other players.

Most of the time when someone quits, I look on their profile and they jump on another game.

But about the OP. It happened to me twice that I got kicked out of a game without a disconnect and getting a 30 min ban without a reason. I dunno why it happens sometimes.


Me, @ll_R_E_D_l and @Krylon_Blue have addressed this numerous times. The quit penalties are counter-productive. And the new increased bans (without any way of knowing the actual time length) have made it worse

(RedDoog888) #5

I hate this. this weekend some guy quit we where wining. then started to lose so another guys quit to avoid the loss in his rank. that left 3 v 5 its was a blood bath after that and this was the 1st match. i honestly thought it be better to go hide and run around to keep my deaths low enough to save the K/D ratio

(The Sloth T34) #6

I’ve also argued that these quit penalties were counter productive, but it may be that the majority of the gow community is in favor for harsher penalties.


I honestly would like to see a poll on this. I bet the majority are against the new bans

(Drinkands im) #8

Honestly, they should just bot back fill even on ranked. Or automatically make the teams even. Noone wants to play a ranked match that no longer counts towards your rank. I always stick it out but the quitting is absolutely ridiculous in this game.



Double no.

(Drinkands im) #10

Lol so you enjoy playing out 5-3 . Its so boring and a waste of time. At least they typically end fast.


…Than with a bunch of bots, spamming power weapons, eating up spawns (or not capturing rings) and being an overall nuisance? Yes!

(Drinkands im) #12

Lol agree to disagree. I also hate bots and rather people stay in the matches and not be a bunch of quitters. Unfortunately, its not the case. Every match i am winning someone quits on the other team. And just about every match im losing or the reason i lose is because someone quit on my team. So in a bunch of 20+ min matches when you have limited gaming time and the match’s impact on your rank is diminished is a big waste of time. Time that I dont have to waste.

(XEA) #13

Same, happened to me twice and now I’m suspended for 6 hours…Ridiculous!!!