Matchmaking time and regions

There is a clear problem for the game to find a match for Versus. I have waited 50 minutes this night to find a match and it still didn’t. I gave up and went to sleep.

I do not mind playing against Americans (I’m from EU) if there are no players to play against in Europe. I would rather play with a 100 ping than not play. Please fix this issue; change the algorithm so that it switches to another close region if it can’t find a game. I’m not the only one conplaining about this. Same goes for my friends.

I’ve also seen everyone play on Australian servers while 80% was from Europe and the rest from Saudi Arabia.

These issues are especially seen after 0500h GMT.


There’s a couple problems. One being that the EU player base is small. The other being that the way this game is coded is really unkind to low ping players when there’s high ping players in the lobby. The delays don’t just punish the high ping folks, they make it chaotic for other players too.

Part of me welcomes everyone to play and I want gears players around the world to enjoy the game. But, I’ve gotta admit it’s frustrating to to lose exchanges because the person you’re shooting at is teleporting around in front of you, or killing you when they’re facing the other direction. Or, my favorite, kill you while they’re picking up a weapon, have a smoke out, etc.


I hope they allow the MM to search other regions if you can’t find a game. I’d rather have a ‘bad game’ than no game. I don’t consider playing against high ling players bad if that’s the only way to find a game. Only people complaining about high ping players are the ones who find games quickly (think overconsumptioners of the world):smile:

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I agree with you. I’m up at that time to play Gears, nit to wait for the MM to find a game dor 40 minutes!

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I think half of my Gears ‘play time’ is searching for matches lol

I don’t know. It seems to do fine until 0500 GMT+1 if you search inmediately after each game. But it seems that after 0500, a hidden switch is turned and it stops. I can’t bother to play other games either because I’m in love with this game. xD

If this was some random steam game I would have dropped it ages ago but this game I really enjoy.

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