Matchmaking-This is gona get some hate

I’ve not seen this discussed but it may have been, however I find it an important subject


or to be more specific, SKILL BASED matchmaking

Grouping us into groups of “similar skill”

I’d love to hear what the community thinks of it, cause I for one think the whole premise is ■■■■■■■■ and should be scrapped for a fairer, EVERYONE V EVERYONE system

Now I know there will be plenty of ppl who would argue noobs V vets is unfair and that is where I expect the hate to arrise but I see it a lil different

I’ve bought an online game, one that allows me to play with players from all over the world, or at least that’s how the premise was originally sold to us with online play(not by gears I know) but with all these skill systems in place, how many ppl are we cutting out? How much diverse gameplay?

Think about it, if we’re playing ppl with similar skill, were gona have endless similar games, were never gona run into someone 10xbetter and get owned and therefore learn a way of play our skillclass never exposed us too, an vice versa, never gona totally own a newb (it does happen I know, don’t need to know how you pawn those newbs lol) and I feel our experiences are being artificially effected and FOR WHAT?

I would honestly love to know, for what? Is it solely to protect players that need their hand holding from real gamers? I do hope not


Put me in a match that’s local with gears God’s if they happen to be searching for a match the same time as me, if I can’t take it, or learn to do better then I shouldn’t be playing online competitive games, the idea of an algorithm gathering data on us and putting us into groups that will play nice together seems childish

Interesting idea, but then just play social or comp warmup? I’ve also seen my fair share of wildly unbalanced games in ranked as it is.

I think it just comes down to social norms. We expect competition to be fair. We expect competitors to be in the same skill range.
Example little league baseball
minor league baseball
major league baseball

You’ve been lied buddy.
You need to sacrifice either 1) network response aka latency aka ingame_quality OR 2) playing with remote very remote players.
Just can’t have it both.

i made a thread about this called loose the ranking system make gears fun again but it got merged into the ranking complaint thread

Biggest problem I have is when I’m solo and it pairs me against a full squad. Idc how much more skill my 5 individuals on my team have over the squad of 4 or 5. Odds are you’re going to get smashed by a team with communication.

I’m thinking something like this.
What they should’ve done. ( i know its easy to type it )

Is something like a none ranked playlist, where the player could choose between
the game types - KOTH/Escalation/Team deathmatch.
And a Ranked version for KOTH/Team Deathmatch/Escalation/Execution.
This would be for both Core and Competative tuning.
And of course an quickplay option for all the random modes.

  1. So first the player choose what tuning. Core or Comp
  2. Then the player can choose ranked or social
  3. Then finally choosing the game type.

And for the none ranked playlists there should not be any stacked teams it should only be available for ranked.

And obviously there should be a gnashers only mode, on all gametypes and maps, ranked and social.

Also the player should be able to choose one perfered mode
so it can be an qick access option when the game starts.

A new boxer isn’t going to learn or get better by going up against Mike Tyson.

When i started playing VS after about 8 years of Horde I did play with some high ranked pkayers, so I ended up in matches against good opponents. It felt like I was cannon fodder. I did not learn anything from that experience. I stopped playing that way, it was pointless and annoying.

The ranking system isn’t perfect, lots of problems for sure. But I totally support the idea of trying to keep the two sides somewhat balanced, re skill/rank…

I couldn’t care less about solo vs team, again, I think people complain about being paired up with BAD solo players against GOOD team players. That is not an issue of solo vs team.
I play team so we don’t have quitters or AFK. If everyone stayed in the game, I have no problems with playing solo against teams (KOTH).