Matchmaking terrible so is ranking system

Tc when are you going to admit that this ranking system is trash. And revert back to the old ranking system were you can jump on the game solo if none of your friends are not about. And rank up as a solo player with individual skill and not after to rely on a win. I will not playing ranking solo and the same goes for all my friends on gears. That’s how broke this new system is. It makes players not want to play solo. I’m guessing a lot of the player base don’t want to play solo no more as you end up with random idiots that makes it impossible to rank up… plus with your matchmaking that is so broke it’s untrue. I see many times 4 masters and a d3 or d2 match up against onxys and gold’s like wtf matchmaking is that. Or onxys against gold’s and silvers. It’s so broken this game it’s untrue. I’m seeing friends who was only gold 2 on gears 4 getting to d2 in a 5 stack cause all they need to do is put a few lancer bullets into someone and watch there sweaty teammates kill the enemy and do all the work. Cause that player before with a few lancer bullets would not rank up like you do now. I just think the games a mess. No fun at all. And I’m even master in this new ranking. But for me i would rather go back to the old ranking system. For me the player base is so low because you have pushed people away from ranked. Cause like I said. No one wants to play solo. So them players that would normally be playing to make the player base up… are not… plus this game as been a mess from day one Wich pushed a lot of the player base away. Constantly in beta with no new maps as well… so boring it’s untrue… you have basically killed the game of in Europe… me i only jump on this game for a few hours over the weekend cause that’s all I can handle. As I’m so bored of how broke this game is with the same crappy maps and so on… gears used to be my go to online game. But tc have put at end to that with this awful gears 5 garbage…and this is just my opinion and I no everyone as there own opinion and you can’t satisfy everyone :roll_eyes:Screenshot_20201012-082036~2